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Slaves @ Velvet Coalmine 2015

slaves at blackwood miners institue 05/09/15
slaves at blackwood miners institue 05/09/15

Hype is rarely all it is cracked up to be. It can be counterproductive, leading to audiences being disappointed. It usually brings a crowd out though, and the hype surrounding Slaves certainly brought out a capacity mob to the Velvet Coalmine on the Saturday night. But would they be disappointed?

Saturday was the busiest day of a busy Velvet Coalmine schedule, with film screenings, poetry readings and Q+A sessions taking place in town to compliment the packed list of bands playing all over town as part of the ‘Fringe’. Continue reading Slaves @ Velvet Coalmine 2015

Listen again to 1st September Radio Show

Our most recent radio show was broadcast live from outer Penywaun, direct to the rest of planet earth on 1st September 2015. The show was based around the line-up of the Velvet Coalmine Festival to be held in Blackwood 1st to 6th September 2015.

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show #99 – Velvet Coalmine 2015 showcase special by Peppermintiguanaradio on Mixcloud

You can listen to it again via our Mixcloud cloudcast above. If it does not inspire you to get ya best moshing trousers on and head to Blackwood, you need to check your pulse.

The play list is below. To find out who else will be landing in the ‘wood go to – – or if you are reading this after September the 6th, in the immortal words of Jim Bowen ‘let’s have a look at what you could have been doing’.

1. Anarchy in the UK: BY THE SEX PISTOLS
2. Rub a dub style: BY RANKING TREVOR
3. Get your goo on: BY HOUDINI DAX
4. Give it to me: BY THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD
6. Let’s have a ball: BY CECIL DAVIES
7. Strike it: BY DUB WAR
9. Sockets: BY SLAVES
11. Hailey unlikely: BY STEEL LEG V ELECTRIC DREAD
12. Claire voyant: BY PIZZA TRAMP
13. Country song: BY HAPPY MONDAYS
14. Live tonight: BY SLEAFORD MODS
15. Dog scratched ear: BY HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE
16. Vallium: BY BAD SAM
17. Hook up girl: BY VIV ALBERTINE
18. Rich kids: BY THE RICH KIDS
19. Give youth a chance: BY THE RUTS
21. Knocked out: BY JIMMY LIGGINS
22. Put my shoes on: BY MARY ANN FISHER
24. Everything in place: BY THE NOSES
25. His majesty is coming: BY THE IN CROWD.
26. Race for the prize: BY THE FLAMING LIPS
27. Headlights: BY THE UNDIVIDED
28. The end (apocalypse now remix): BY THE DOORS

Peppermint Iguana meets Velvet Coalmine in a pub

Blackwood is as cultural as f**K. And if you need proof, check out the Velvet Coalmine Festival, which takes place each September. It features fifty live bands, DJs, film screenings, workshops and much more.

Highlights for the 2015 festival, which takes place between 1st and 6th September, include gigs with Dub War, Slaves, Commander Boom, Houdini Dax, The Johnstown Flood, the Noses and a massive coup in the shape of US legends The Meat Puppets playing their first ever Welsh gig. There will also be film screenings with Don Letts and Viv Albertine will be doing a Q+A.

We had hoped to get Iain Richards, the driving force behind the event, to join us on the radio show, but it clashes with the opening of the festival (some people need to get their priorities right). So instead we headed to the pub for a chat about the 2015 festival. We picked early evening on a quiet night in a quiet pub? What could possibly go wrong? Well a birthday party for a start. Anyway — here is an audio recording of the chat warts and all.

Peppermint Iguana meets the Velevet Coalmine in a pub by Peppermintiguanaradio on Mixcloud