Peppermint Iguana Radio Rides again – live and dangerous 05/07/16

DSCF0212Yes folks, we are back on air on Tuesday 5th July.

It’s been four weeks since our last live show and a lot has happened. The UK has voted to leave the EU, England lost to a part time team managed by a dentist and the Welsh football team have excelled all our expectations. Our trip to France to cheer the boys on has been an experience never to be forgotten – but not necessarily for the right reasons. Oh – and the festival scene is cooking nicely as well.

So expect a European flavour to our show this week, mixing in our usual off the wall blend of new music, hidden gems and cult heroes of the festival scene.

To join us for our return go to from 8pm till just after 10pm.

As usual, big hugs to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 120 – Euros warm up party

baleThis week we amazingly managed to control ourselves and get the show done and dusted in our allotted two hour slot. In preparation for the forthcoming Euros, we had French dub, Russian hardcore, Slovakian ska, welsh language punk English hip hop and much more

Play list

1. Summer wine: BY NANCY SINATRA
2. Enter the dragon: THE UPSETTER
3. Together stronger: BY MANIC STREET PREACHERS
4. Vive la revolution: BY THE ADICTS
5. Where’s my money: BY WILLIE JONES
6. Stay a little bit longer: BY DELANO STEWART
7. Pour qui some le dub: BY DUBAMIX
8. Too drunk to fuck: BY NOUVELLE VAGUE
9. No future: BY THE SEX PISTOLS
10. King bee: BY SLIM HARPO
11. Mafia: BY SKA2TONICS
12. Papers please: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
13. The Russians are coming: BY CAPTAIN SENSIBLE
14. Goodbye Toulouse: BY THE STRANGLERS
15. Rhywelyn Moscow: BY ANHREFEN
16. Mint SOS: BY Y SYBS
17. Sweet dreams: BY CAKEHOLE PRESLEY
18. England’s irie: BY BLACK GRAPE
19. Spirit of fifty eight: BY ARGUMENT CITY
20. Book of rules: BY THE HEPTONES
21. Leave me alone: THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS
23. No Vietcong: BY MOHAMMED ALI
25. I’m a little mixed up: BY BETTY JAMES
26. Death of the European: BY THE THREE JOHNS

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Show Sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON

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