LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio #162 – Into the future

The elephant on the rocket (Rockaway Park, Sommerset)

The play list will include old skool (999 and Radical Dance Faction), Nu Skool (Clusterfuck and Tintin Quarantino) and just too damn cool for skool (The Haggis Horns and The Bahama Soul Club).

We will also be previewing some of January’s gigs, including one on the 5th January with a line-up that is going to be difficult to top in the twelve months to come.

Tune in to from 8pm o’clock on Tuesday 2nd January to kick the year off properly

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LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio #161 – Winter Solstice/Christmas party

Fancy Beans on Toast for Christmas Dinner?

With the Winter Solstice around the corner we thought it appropriate to get into party mose so for this show we got loads of choons you can dance to, from ska, folk and punk to full on afrocelticdubdiddlyfolkravecore.

For good measure we chucked in a few alternative seasonal choons, a sneak preview of what is coming your way from Merthyr Rising 2018, some good causes to donate to this christmas and the announcement of the first PEPPERMINT IGUANA GIG in many years

Listen again below


  1. Crash and burn: BY EAT STATIC
  2. Skank for Christmas: BY BIG REEL FISH
  3. Walk this land: BY THE EZ ROLLERS
  4. Babylons burning: BY ZION TRAIN
  5. Area code: BY DREADZONE
  6. Hell in M13: BY THE AUTONOMADS
  7. Sons and daughters: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  8. The house that austerity built: BY BEANS ON TOAST
  9. Donkey jaw: BY KING KONG COMPANY
  10. Alcoholic drinks: BY FAB SAMPERI
  11. At home for Christmas: COSMO AND FLAPSANDWICH
  12. I don’t want an i pad: BY SKINNNER AND TWITCHETT
  13. Byker hill: BY KILNABOY
  14. Mr Trump: BY BAD SAM
  15. Cheese and bread: BY DAVID ROVICS
  16. Won’t buy it: BY REGIME
  17. Baneswell express: BY GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN
  18. Sex and drugs and rock and rol: BY IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS
  19. Tongwynlais: BY ROCKETGOLDSTAR
  21. Ravin raven: BY THE INEXPLICABLES
  22. Abuzulef: BY MANDRAGORA
  23. Merry Christmas from Hatfield main: BY JOE SOLO
  24. I believe in father Christmas: BY GREG LAKE

First broadcast on 19/12/17 on

if you need more, check out last years christmas show

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 160: Mega three hour DIY Underground showcase thingy

Sunday lunch DIY underground style – with The Mob

To help Dapper FM celebrate ten years on air, on 5th December we embarked on a three hour radio odyssey showcasing as many of our mates as we could.

No golden oldies or hidden gems just mates from the DIY underground. It was impossible to fit all of our mates on, so apologies for those that missed out. However, a few of those missing from the list can be found on our round up of 2017 show and there will be more on our festive knees up on 19th December.

Putting the play list together was quite humbling. We feel privileged to count so many damn fine creative musicians in our extended Iguana family. Our hats off to you all.

So, if you want to hear the show again (and you do, trust us) check out the mixycloud thang below


  1. Rise up: BY THE MOB
  2. Dr Benway: BY HEADJAM
  3. Electro tribal: BY SAMP DEAP
  5. Union man: BY THEE FACTION
  6. Strike occupy resist: BY COSMO
  7. Hard times: BY THE SPORADICS
  8. Black dues: BY DREADZONE
  9. Mercurius rising: BY MERCURIUS RISING
  10. All my friends: BY THE BREWERS DAUGHTER
  11. All my friends are freedom fighters: BY EFA SUPERTRAMP
  12. Freedom fighters: BY SPANNER
  13. Uncontrollable: BY THE REBEL SPELL
  14. Kick out: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  15. Dubrevolution: BY THE DEFEKTERS
  16. I drank the levellers rider: BY TARANTISM
  18. Millionaires: BY PHAT BOLLARD
  19. Money is not our god dub: BY KILLING JOKE
  20. Last of the high rollers: BY SUNS OF THUNDER
  21. Barefoot in the car park: BY SUZI CHUNK AND THE GROOVY UNCLE
  22. Liar liar 2017: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  23. Jah war dub: BY RUTS DC
  24. Tottenham three: BY AOS3
  25. Smash it dub: BY DUB THE EARTH
  26. Surplus people: BY RADICAL DANCE FACTION
  27. Sky high: BY CULTURE SHOCK
  28. Arcade perfect: BY SONIC BOOM SIX
  29. Heaven’s wrath: BY INNER TERESTRIAL
  30. Riot sound system: BY PRIMEVAL SOUP
  31. Too far gone: BY THE WITCHES DRUM
  32. I loves the port: BY BAD SAM
  33. I love reggae: BY DIRTY REVOLUTION
  34. Trojan city love: BY DUB CITY ROCKERS
  35. Stay free edit: BY THE CLASH

As usual, high five to our sponsors, UNISON, the union for public service groovers

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 159: Unexpected show in the Dapper FM area

This ‘Selected highlights of 2017’ show is a bit unique, having been broadcast not once, but twice!

“How can that be?” we hear you cry. Well, it was first broadcast on Tuesday 28th November, but after the show finished we managed to break the station and loose the recording. Normally we would just shrug our shoulders and move on. But this was a reflection on some of the year’s best choonage with a rather splendid play list. So we decided to do the show again with the same play list.

Find out if it was worth the effort by checking out the cloudcast below. Continue reading LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 159: Unexpected show in the Dapper FM area