LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 148 – Virtual Surplus Festival After Party

inner terestrials at Surplus fest 2015
inner terestrials at Surplus fest 2015

Next live show, Tuesday 4th July, a day when we traditionally celebrate Independents – bands that do it themselves without the assistance of ‘the music industry’.

OK – some of us actually do that every day, but hey, we got to call the show something.

Between now and then we will be in a field drinking dodgy cider and listening to loud music, doing research for you. Who know what we will discover that will make it to the final play list.

Tune in from 8 till 10pm by going to

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REGIME: 3dB (2017 – Self Released)

Their first album, ‘Push’, laid the foundations. This second album, builds the walls and puts the roof on. Regime are the complete package, reggae, hip-hop and rock, all tightly delivered with conscious lyrics laid over the top.

They groove better than many strictly party bands, and deliver a message with more style than any other band we can think of.

Whilst many rappers concentrate on rattling off their lyrics at a million miles an hour, very often you can’t actually understand what they are banging on about. Not so with Regime, the lyrics are crystal clear and thought provoking.

The album opens with ‘Hard Work’, a tale of what some people have to do to keep a roof over their head, and a salute to those that make and build the things the rest of us take for granted. The lyrics are laid over a dubby vibe that induces involuntary skanking and foot tapping.

‘Robbing Us’, follows up with a harder, bouncy edge – often used to close their live sets. Who’s robbing us? ‘The Man’, obviously. Taxing us for the things we need, but also for things that we neither need nor want. “Schools and roads, yes we need those, but what kind of mother fuckers build torpedoes?”

It’s not all serious shit, ‘Fatman’, is about loving your body, no matter how it is built. “You might be big, but you still got it going on. He’s a fatman, he’s a fatman skanking”.

‘No Beef’ is probably the funkiest ode to veganism ever recorded, all with a sixties style funky wah wah vibe going on in the background.

‘Yes’, is a positive uplifting number about making the most of life, a declaration that, ‘Yes’ we are feeling good, feeling creative and yes to fighting back, with an appropriately upbeat in ya face soundtrack.

If it is not fair trade and workers are not paid, then Regime ‘Won’t Buy It’. If we prop up these companies that exploit workers and the planet by continuing to buy their shit, then they will just carry on regardless.

At all times the music is tight, funky and has you either slowly grooving or jumping up and down – sometimes in the same song. The addition of the conscious lyrics will always be a plus here at Iguana HQ. But more so with hip-hop, a genre where too many bands fall into the trap of sexist, homophobic or racist lyrics. Take note lesser mortals out there. Being right on is way cooler than being gangsta.

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 147 – Solstice/Surplus Festival Special

Two Speed Steve, The Boy Fry and Torrie - SURPLUS PEOPLE!
Two Speed Steve, The Boy Fry and Torrie – SURPLUS PEOPLE!

Peppermint Iguana don’t do festivals, if they did they would look a bit like Surplus Fest.

In the last four years they have held six festivals at three different locations. This year they return to the same site as last year, having struck a good relationship with the landowner after the 2016 event.

Surplus is an old skool event, organised by underground festival heads, for underground festival heads. They are all volunteers and the priority is having a good time whilst providing a space for the tribe to gather, rather than making a fast buck.

With bands and DJs spread over five stages, the line us is a veritable who’s who of the festival underground, including Radical Dance faction, Hawklords, the Omega Tribe, AOS3, Tribazik, Kilnaboy, Clusterfuck, The Sporadics, Dub the Earth, The Autonomads and Lacertillia.

Whilst there will be enough crusty-ska-punk-dub-stoner-rock-legends to keep the keenest of brew crew happy – and their dog – there will also be plenty of new music to discover, such as welsh outfits Captain Accident and the Disasters, the Chalk Outlines and the Biggest Things Since Powdered Milk, alongside Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters from that London and Cornwall’s Cybernetic Witch Cult.

In short, this is set to be one of the best festivals of the summer.

On 20th June 2017, the eve of the summer solstice, three of the disorganisers of the festival, the Boy Fry (singer with Lacertilla and all round mover and shaker on the UK stoner rock scene), Steve Speed (techno head and trouble maker) and Torrie (old git, veteran scrap merchant from 2,000 Dirty Squatters and general rouge) joined us in the studio for a special radio show.

The result of that two hours of mayhem can be heard again by clicking on the cloudcast thingy below.

Play List
1. Surplus People: BY RDF
2. Scrap the church; BY 2,000DS
4. Spirit of 77: BY AOS3
6. Stonehenge pig bastards: BY BUFF
7. Last pain to skasville: BY PAIN
8. Fire up the engine of god: BY LACERTILLIA
10. Awake for a reason (Slamfish remix): BY THE DHARMA VIOLETS
11. Living in a field: BY REALITY ATTACK
12. Government whores: BY TREVOR’S HEAD
13. Daily routine: BY BENJI 303
14. Coppers in the dance: BY THE AUTONOMADS
15. Broken Britain: BY THE SPORADICS
16. Back from the light: BY THE SKRAELINGS
17. Money people: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
18. Molten: BY TRIBAZIK
20. Smash it dub: BY DUB THE EARTH
21. Is this the future: BY THE OMEGA TRIBE
22. Something wrong with the right: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
23. Shoeburyness: BY BLACK LIGHT SECRET
24. Byker Hill: BY KILNABOY
25. Hurry on sundown: BY HAWKWIND
First broadcast on 20th June 2017 on

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LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 147 – Surplus Festival/Solstice special

suplus air guitarOur next show goes out on the eve of the summer solstice and will preview the forthcoming Surplus Festival, which takes place in South Wales, 30th June to 2nd July.

Festival organisers Torrie, Fry and Speed will join us in the studio talk about all things Surplus and spin some of the bands and DJs that will be performing over the weekend.

The festival is basically a who is who of the current festival underground and has more of our favourite bands than you can shake a stick at. It is going to be hard work working out who we can leave off the play list.

Expect The Defekters, Black Star Dub Collective, 2,000 Dirty Squatters, Lacertilla, Clusterfuck, AOS3, P.A.I.N. Radical Dance Faction and much much more (so long as the Torrie and gang stop talking long enough for us to play some music)

To listen live, go to from 8pm o’clock hours till about 10(ish) on Tuesday 20th June 2017.

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PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING: Ebbw Vale Album Launch 08/06/17

DSC_0736As the ballots papers were rolling in, hoisting Theresa May by her own petard, Public Service Broadcasting were in Ebbw Vale, launching their new album. ‘Every Valley’ reflects on the decline of industry in the valleys. Some would argue the decline was hastened by the last female Tory Prime Minister.

The timing was pure coincidence, the gig had been planned well before the snap election had been called, but the irony could not be ignored.

But hey, this is not a post about Westminster power trips, it is about a gig in Ebbw Vale that had ‘legendary’ written all over it from the moment it was conceived. Continue reading PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING: Ebbw Vale Album Launch 08/06/17

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio 146 – 06/06/17

Regime at Blue Lagoon Festival
Regime at Blue Lagoon Festival

As usual, our most recent show featured bands we have recently caught live, bands we are going to see in the next two weeks and some stuff relevant to current affairs.

But sadly, we had to kick off with a tribute to long time friend of the iguana Tribe, Anne Nicholson, who slipped away to the great after party in the sky on Monday 5th June. Anne was an inspiration and wise head to the many of us who knew her and will be sadly missed.

To listen again, click on the mixycloud thingy below

Play list

2. One love Utah Saints remix: BY STONE ROSES
3. Dub scientist: BY HEADJAM
4. This town: BY THE SKINTS
6. Festival twenty three; BY THE SPORADICS
7. Fatman: BY REGIME
8. My back is fucking fucked: BY PIZATRAMP
9. If you bomb somebody: BY DAVID ROVICS
10. Doesn’t make it alright: BY STIFF LITTLE FINGERS
14. Brothers on the slide: BY CYMANDE
15. Earn your stripes: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
16. Nationalism: BY QELD
18. Luciano Ponzetto: BY GRAND COLLAPSE
19. Liar liar GE2017 mix: BY CAPTAIN SKA
20. Where were you: BY THE MEKONS
21. Too far gone: BY THE WITCHES DRUM
22. Space shanty remix: BY LEFTFIELD
23. Do we really need a government: BY CAPITAL LETTERS
24. Strictly dub: BY DENNIS BOVELL

Originally broadcast on on 6th June 2017

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Next show – 20th June 2017