LISTEN AGAIN: Iguana Radio Show # 170 – Merthyr Rising Special

With less than three weeks to go to this year’s Merthyr Rising Festival, this week we had festival director Lyn Williams in the studio along with Peter Crews, of UNISON, the festival’s main partner.

The play list was made up (almost) entirely of bands playing the event and we chatted at length about all things Merthyr Rising.

To listen again, check out the mixcloud below


  1. Fight the power: BY DREADZONE
  2. Won’t buy it: BY REGIME
  3. Cave song: BY PRETTY VICIOUS
  4. Living in a rut: BY THE MOONBIRDS
  5. Jah war dub: BY RUTS DC
  6. Each mans hell: BY ROUGHNECK RIOT
  7. The windrush: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  8. Money for war: BY BEANS ON TOAST
  9. Cheese and bread: BY DAVID ROVICS
  10. Bells of Rhymney: BY THE ALARM
  11. Speedboat dreaming: BY FFUG
  12. Love thing: BY AFROCLUSTER
  13. Human Camouflage: BY PARKVIEW
  14. Afflictions: BY THE PITCHFORKS
  15. Lots of fun: BY FOREIGN LEGION
  16. Sex and drugs and rock and roll: BY IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS
  17. Freedom for Palestine: BY ONE WORLD
  18. Deep cover: BY COSMO
  19. Gunshot: BY FLORENCE BLACK
  20. Here we go again: BY THE UPBEAT SNEAKERS
  21. Hangover me: BY O’CONNELL AND LOVE

Show first broadcast on on 8th May 2018

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LISTEN AGAIN: Iguana Radio # 169 – Iguana Rides Again

You can’t keep a good man down. Or a bad one for that matter. After six weeks off air, we returned to the airways on 1st May, with our first show from the brand new Dapper FM studio, to prove that we will indeed keep on keeping on.

Listen to the show again below innit.


  1. Keep on keeping on: BY THE REDSKINS
  2. Evil Spirits: BY THE DAMNED
  4. Buru Saturday: BY DUBMATIX
  5. Black Heaven: BY EARTHLESS
  6. Cougar rock by ZEKE
  9. Bar stool preacher: BY THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS
  10. Just begun: BY LEGO EDIT
  11. Keep it clean BBC session: BY THE VIBRATORS (PEEL SESSION JUNE 77)
  12. West one shine on me: BY THE RUTS
  13. Octane twisted: BY PORCUPINE TREE
  14. Subject to status: BY PITCHSHIFTER
  15. Live life love demo: BY LAST TREE SQUAD
  16. Boombassa: BY SUBGIANT
  17. The windrush: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  18. Bloodstains: BY AGENT ORANGE
  19. Brain in a jar: BY CHINA SHOP BULL
  20. Come as you are: BY NIRVANA
  21. The man that never was: BY RICK SPRINGFIELD AND DAVE GROHL
  22. Killing in the name: BY RICHARD CHEESE

First broadcast on 1st may on

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Next show, Tuesday 8th May – a Merthyr Rising Special.

NB: During the show i referred to Paul Gray as being with the National Union of Journalit – which is of course bollocks. he is with the Musician’s Union.


LISTEN LIVE: Iguana Radio # 170 – Merthyr Rising Special 08/05/18

Our next show will be a Merthyr Rising Festival special, and we will be joined in the studio by Lyn Williams, director of the festival, and Peter Crews from UNISON, major partners of the event.

Expect a play list chock a block full of bands playing Merthyr Rising, the festival celebrating the workers uprising of 1831, at which the red flag was flown as a sign of protest the first time anywhere in the world.

So you can expect the likes of Dreadzone, Ruts DC, Regime, Roughneck Riot, Captain Ska, The Blockheads, Parkview, The Alarm and much more.

For more details about this awesome festival, go to

Tune in from 8pm O’clock on Tuesday 8th May – go to and click on the listen live button.

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