ARE YOU WATCHING GARETH BALE? Cardiff marches to fight for the right to party.

Labour MPs like to dance as well
Labour MPs like to dance as well

On 29th April thousands of music lovers marched through Cardiff under the banner ‘Save Womanby Street’. What’s that all about and why should we care?

In this globalised world it is increasingly difficult to tell apart different town and city centres. High streets are dominated by chain stores and local pubs are becoming a rarity, with corporate bars with names like the Slug and Lettuce becoming the norm. Whetherspoons rule the world as the bulk buying power of identikit chains force old skool family pubs out of business.

The towns and cities that are interesting, the ones that are worth visiting, are the ones that have their own character and home grown culture. Culture is the beating heart of a city, without culture the city dies. But culture cannot be manufactured. It has to grow organically from the grass roots, with its foundations in the local community.

Music, art and culture have for decades led the way for the regeneration of run down communities. Previously ignored districts suddenly become vibrant places where people want to live.

Ironically, vultures are never far behind, swooping in to develop properties in areas that are now suddenly sought after and ‘gentrification’ kicks in.

In the process the culture that made the place so vibrant is suffocated and all is left is hipsters charging eight quid for a bowl of breakfast cereal, a fiver for a half pint of home brew and barbers specialising in craft beards. The people that made the area are suddenly priced out of their own community and unwelcome. Continue reading ARE YOU WATCHING GARETH BALE? Cardiff marches to fight for the right to party.

NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (Madman Entertainment 2008)

not quite hollywood

If you thought ‘Mad Max’, ‘Crocodile Dundee’ and ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ were the only films ever to come out of Australia you would be wrong. There is a whole genre out there, ‘Ozploitation’, whichwhich has passed most of the world by. Not Quite Hollywod tells you what you have been missing.

It will come as no surprise that, as with much of Australian culture, subtlety is in short supply and excess is the word.

Fast cars, naked women, a bus full of nuns on fire, fast cars, lesbian cannibals, stuntmen being killed, fast cars, live mice dressed up as kangaroo foetuses, former Bond Star George Lazenby getting burned, naked women, real life punch ups with Hells Angels, gallons of fake blood, several pints of real blood, vomit and fast cars. It’s all here in this rip roaring tale of chaos, madness and celluloid anarchy. Continue reading NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (Madman Entertainment 2008)

TEENAGE KICKS – Sandinistas live at UNISON Young Members gig

DSC_0870Tredegar’s six legged Sandinistas continued their rise to the top with a blistering set for young members of UNISON, the union for public service groovers, in Cardiff’s Ten Feet Tall.

Fresh from playing South by Southwest in Texas and string of sold out shows in the UK, the Sandinistas showed they have not forgotten their roots by playing the launch party for UNISON Cymru Wales’ Charter for Young Member’s.

They may stand like the Clash, walk like the Clash and be named after a Clash album (or maybe the South American rebels), but their music is fresh and original, taking only the energy and enthusiasm from the Clash sound.

With high octane guitar laid over machine gun drumming and menacing bass, they lay down a sound that has enough punk sensibility to remind the older members of the crowd of their youth. But they also have a clean sophistication to their sound that will entertain the younger audience, who demand more than the three chord wonders of the past.

They tore through their set with confidence and swagger, but still found time between numbers to interact with the audience and big up the cause they had come to promote. As they put it, ‘You can’t spell UNISON, without U and I’.

The Sandinistas
The Sandinistas

They had the gathered masses gyrating and smiling from ear to ear; from their tyre smoking start, through their ‘Ready to Blow’ single, right up to the end of the set.

The problem with being in a new band is that you can get caught out. If you blow your entire repertoire of songs in your main set, what do you do when the crowd demand an encore? Well in this case, we were given Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ – on steroids. Then, by way of punishment for Mark Turner of UNISON for trying to be a young member, he is dragged up on stage to give us a rendition of the Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’.


Watch out for the Sandinistas when they play Merthyr Rising 26th to 28th May, the festival sponsored by UNISON. You never know, Mark Turner might be up on stage again – he has got a month to actually learn the words!

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 143 – Dave and Cath’s Wedding Present

Dave and Cath - that's Dave on the left
Dave and Cath – that’s Dave on the left

Whether you be getting ut in the garden, walking up a mountain or getting Married – this week’s show will be the perfect soundtrack for your bank holiday – or anytime.

Show dedicated to Cath and Dave – who be getting married over Easter

To listen again, go to the cloudcast below

First broadcast on on 11/04/17


Show sponsored by
1. Janie Jones: BY THE CLASH
3. Skankrobber: BY CARA MEANS FRIEND
4. Something wrong with the right: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
5. Alchoholic drinks: BY SAMP BROTHERS
6. Punk wedding: BY NINA HAGEN
7. Sound and vision: B DAVID BOWIE
8. Barefoot in the carpark: BY SUZY CHUNK
9. Down the sewer: BY THE STRANGLERS
10. No time: BY THE SAINTS
13. Give it some beans: BY DEAD AT TWENTY SEVEN
14. Why so seagullrious: BY BANKRUPT PUG
15. Anarcho trustafarian: BY COSMO AND FLAPSANDWICH
17. Area code: BY DREADZONE
18. Roxette: BY DR FEELGOOD
20. True sons of Zion: BY THIEVERY CORPORATION
22. The biggest thing since powdered milk: BY BUDGIE
23. Police and thieves: BY JUNIOR MURVIN


LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 143 – Penywaun is Burning

Clash-630x420Barbeque weather? Well make sure you got ya speakers out in the garden cos Peppermint Iguana Radio will be coming at ya live and direct this Tuesday evening.

We will be bringing ya the best new releases alongside previews of forthcoming gigs and celebrating a few anniversaries.

Expect Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces, Public Service Broadcasting, Dead at 27 and the Clash.

Go to from 8pm on Tuesday 11th April.

To intereact via antisocial medai go to the facebook event page

Show sponsored by UNISON, the union for public service groovers.