LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 208 – Curveballs and Mothballs (28/01/20)

Our next radio show, on 28th January, will feature a few off the wall tunes to add a bit of spice to your evening

We had the bright idea of slipping a few ‘curveballs’ into the next show – tunes a little bit out of the ordinary. But when we sat down and thought about it, that pretty much sums up an average Peppermint Iguana Radio playlist.

Even when we thought about unexpectedly mainstream tunes, over the last decade quite a few have found their way on to the show. We even played Pharrell Williams Happy prior to it hitting the charts and becoming an annoying invasion of the ears everywhere you went.

So nothing we pick is going to be a true curveball. But we think we have found a few that will raise an eyebrow and maybe even a chuckle… but still achingly cool obviously.

The curveballs will have to fight for their place though. As usual we will have some wicked new tunes from bands we did not know existed at the time of the last show, not to mention a preview of the forthcoming Radical Planet Shock gig

Go to    from 8pm on tuesday 28th January