LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 193 – SXS Wales take over (30/04/19)

For show 193, Lloyd George joined us to plug the SXS Wales Festival in Cardiff, being promoted by Students from the University of South Wales

The show featured bands playing the SXS Wales festival and Lloyd talking. Talking quite a lot actually – but he always has interesting stuff to say.

Listen again by ‘ere innit like

  1. Put that in your pipe: BY YEAR OF THE DOG
  2. 83: BY EPSILON
  3. Deep breath: BY GEMMA AND THE OWLS
  4. Trapped: BY MOC ISAAC
  5. Dansolos jungle: BY MINT TEA
  6. Why: TETRAHEX
  7. Jimmy the cricket: BY BOULDERHEAD
  8. What time do you call this: BY BOULDERHEAD
  9. Rapper’s delight: BY SUGARHILL GANG
  10. Reverend black grape: BY BLACK GRAPE
  11. Hair of the dog: BY YEAR OF THE DOG
  12. Don’t run with pixels: BY CHIP TUNE
  13. sometimes : BY COMFORT STATE
  14. Day off: BY RED TELEPHONE
  15. Perfect body: BY FIELDS

this show would not have been possible without, Jacs live music venue or our sponsors, UNISON, the union for public service groovers