LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 157 – 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution

On 7th November 2017, we went out live and direct, broadcasting to the free world, with a show that marked one hundred years to the day, since the October Revolution in Russia.

On 7th November 1917 the Red Guard occupied government buildings in Petrograd, in preparation of the storming of the winter palace, which took place on 8th November.

The start of ten days that shook the world, ten days that had an impact on every man woman and child on the planet, ten days that are still reverberating around the world today.

There are far better places to go for a history lesson of those one hundred years, but we had a go at reflecting on the last century using rock and roll as our media of choice.

From October 1917 itself, through plots and coups, through wars, cold and hot, through the expansion of an ideology to the collapse of an empire.

Listen again, to two hours that shook the world, by clicking on the cloudcast below.


  1. Theme from the hunt for red October: BY THE RED ARMY CHOIR
  2. Revolution radio: BY STRAWBERRY BLONDES
  3. History of the Russian revolution part one October: BY WAT TYLER
  4. Revolution rock: BY THE CLASH
  6. Back in the USSR: BY CRISIS
  7. Lev Bronstein: BY THE REDSKINS
  8. What about di working class: BY LINTON KWESI JOHNSON
  9. Bella ciao: BY THE RED ARMY CHOIR
  10. No more heroes: BY THE STRANGLERS
  11. Stalin wasn’t stallin: BY THE GOLDEN GATE JUBILEE QUARTET
  12. The Russians are coming: BY VAL BENNETT
  13. The Russians are coming: BY CAPTAIN SENSIBLE
  14. So afraid of the Russians: BY MADE FOR TV
  15. Theme tune to The ipcress file: BY JOHN BARRY
  16. Holiday in Cambodia: BY THE DEAD KENNEDYS
  18. Revolution of thought: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  19. In Gorbachev we trust: BY THE SHAMEN
  20. Market sector one: BY ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER
  21. Bloody revolutions: BY CRASS
  22. Free pussy riot: BY DOGSHITE
  23. Capitalism is good for corporations that is why we have been told socialism is bad: BY THEE FACTION
  24. From Russia with love: BY MATT MONRO


First broadcast on community radio station on 7th November 2017


Show sponsored by UNISON, the union for public service groovers