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PEPPERMINT GIGUANA: Spanner, Last Tree Squad, Taffy Twp @ Le Pub, Newport, 14th April

Following on from the success of our folk disco, Peppermint Iguana once again are teaming up with the Green Gathering Campaigns crew for another gig featuring the best of the UK underground. On Saturday 14th April we present Spanner, Last Tree Squad and Taffy Twp – all in Newport’s top venue, Le Pub.

The gig will be a benefit for the anti-spycops campaign, which seeks justice for those that have been spied upon by the state for daring to question the power of the establishment.


Spanner live at something else in the dean

Spanner are a long standing much respected anarcho-ska-punk outfit from Bristle, known as much for their political activity as their music. They are anything but angry shouty blokes though. Their uplifting ska chops blend seamlessly with high octane punk energy that have been picking up audiences and throwing them around dancehalls, squats and festivals for almost two decades now.

Much loved by the South Wales activist community Spanner are guaranteed to leave a trail of sweaty, exhausted, smiling punks in their wake.


Last Tree Squad on their home turf,, Booth Hall, Hereford.

The night will be the first appearance in Newport for Hereford’s Last Tree Squad.  This seven piece collective have a love for all things dubby, mixing hip hop, reggae, raga, ska, jungle and dancehall.

Frontman Lofty, will be no stranger to long time Iguana watchers, having previously been part of the amazing Dubmerge and for a while was part of the backing band for West Wales’ dub diva Molara.

Whilst this will be their first visit to Newport, we are confident that their infectious brand of dance music will leave everyone wanting them back in the future.


Taffy being Twp in the old Le Pub

Taffy Twp will be no stranger to many of you. His one man riot-folk-punk set will be his way of celebrating his 33+1/3 birthday. Come along and smile and punch the air with him to help him get the gig off to a flying start.


Le Pub is a venue like no other in South Wales. It is a community owned venue that seeks to promote art, music, food and ideas.  Their ethos is so right on it has inspired us to get back into gig promotion for this first time in over a decade. Come along and find out what all the fuss is about.

Interact with us via the Facebook event page

FOLK DISCO – PLUS @ Le Pub, Newport 10/02/18

It would be a little bit egotistical to review a gig we have promoted ourselves, so here is a blog post about the first Peppermint Iguana gig for fourteen years.

It started out as a simple enough idea, Peppermint Iguana were going to team up with the Green Gatherings Campaign Crew (well, Tom Fowler) to put on a show case of some of the artists than have been found performing on the ‘open mic’ that the Campaigns crew host at the annual green gathering in Chepstow.

We started off with booking the amazing Tarantism Folk Disco, who have blown minds at the last two Green Gatherings. Then we started talking to some of our other mates who had also played our stage. It was not long before we had a list of bands that, frankly, was quite ridiculous for one night. But hey, we aint nothing if not one big happy family and we could not chuck anyone off the list (we just had to stop Tom inviting anyone else when he was pissed).

An assortment of beds, sofas and park ups were sorted, beers were bought (and smashed and bought again), vegan rolls were made and before we knew it, the gig was on. Continue reading FOLK DISCO – PLUS @ Le Pub, Newport 10/02/18

PEPPERMINT IGUANA GIG: Folk Disco in Le Pub, Newport 10/02/18

Green Gathering Campaigns & Peppermint Iguana got sick of waiting for Summer, so came up with a plan to beat the winter blues: Let’s have a FOLK DISCO!

The gig takes place on 10th February 2018 in Newport’s coolest venue, Le Pub. Music will start at 7pm sharp, so be on your toes

Who be playing?

Tarantism Folk Disco
UK cult festival band based in Bristol playing an infectious mix of CelticDanceDubSkaFunkPunk. a couple of years back they came along to our stage and broke out a set of Disco covers in a folk style and sent everybody mental, the crowd forced them to play the entire set twice. Bring your dancing shoes!
Continue reading PEPPERMINT IGUANA GIG: Folk Disco in Le Pub, Newport 10/02/18

THE BREWER’S DAUGHTER: Make Believe (Self Released 2016)

John Baine (AKA Attila) is not really a Stockbroker. Ray Burns is neither a Captain, nor Sensible. Rhiannon Crutchley, however, really is a Brewer’s Daughter.

When not helping dad out with bottling craft beers her time is split between recording and gigging on her own as The Brewer’s Daughter, playing fiddle with Tarantism, touring with the likes of Back to the Planet and Hawkwind, or just sailing up and down the canal in the narowboat she calls home.  She even played the legendary 100 club in 2017. Continue reading THE BREWER’S DAUGHTER: Make Believe (Self Released 2016)

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio 150 – Landed Festival Special 2017

Landed crew Tina, Grub and Bella - on the site of Landed Festival
Landed crew Tina, Grub and Bella – on the site of Landed Festival

With Landed Festival just three weeks away, we took the opportunity to focus on bands playing Landed, and gave away two tickets for the festival!

We also previewed a few other upcoming festivals and played some hot new releases.

To listen again check out the mixcloud thingy below


  1. Each mans hell: BY ROUGHNECK RIOT
  2. Lion is the king of the jungle: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
  3. Get a steady job: BY HEADGAMES
  4. Ride on rider: BY SWEETCORNBREAD
  5. Snow at Landed: BY GRUBBY TINA AND BELLA
  7. Hamburger meat: BY THE DEFEKTERS
  8. No beef: BY REGIME
  9. There was a time: BY GENE CHANDLER
  10. Do anything you wanna do: BY EDDIE AND THE HOTRODS
  11. First time: BY THE BOYS
  12. Bubble bubble: BY THE STIFF JOINTS
  13. Liar liar: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  14. Seven diddly sins: BY KANGAROO MOON
  15. Tribal theory: BY LOONALOOP
  16. I wish there were no prisons: BY COSMO
  17. Anthropocene: BY BOLSHY
  18. Never seen the sun: BY LACERTILLIA
  19. Java cheer up: BY JUNIOR BILL
  21. Bang on the door: BY FJORKA
  22. Fiddle Castro: BY YOKO PWNO
  24. Teenage turtles let go: BY BACK TO THE PLANET

OH – and by the way – the pair of tickets for landed were won by DEBORAH COLES!

Show first broadcast on Dapper FM on 1st August 2017

Big hugs to our sponsors, Cwm Taf Local Government UNISON, the union for public service groovers

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 149 – Tom Returns For Green Gathering Special

Ton Fowler, a face for the radio if ever there was one
Ton Fowler, a face for the radio if ever there was one

He nagged and nagged to be invited back, so we gave in and said yes. On 18th July Tom Fowler swept into the studio, swore a lot, and played some of his favourite releases of the year so far.

Clint meanwhile, played loads of choons by bands that are playing this year’s Green Gathering, spun a few hot new releases, and announced a major competition to win tickets to Landed festival

To listen to the show again, check out the cloudcast below


  1. Kick out: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  2. War crime: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  3. Welcome to hell: BY PS3UDONYM
  4. Europe is lost: BY KATE TEMPEST
  6. Get off your knees: BY ONE EYED GOD
  7. Chalk and flint: BY GRAND COLLAPSE
  8. Bathing in blood: BY NO PULSE
  9. Daughter of the fireplace: BY MAN
  11. War on rules: BY WOLF BRIGADE
  12. All our failed seekers: BY THIS ENDS HERE
  13. Subtle spirits: BY PARK VIEW
  14. Shoeburryness: BY BLACK LIGHT SECRET
  16. Timewaster: BY SALT BATH
  17. Clash of civilisations: BY COSMO AND FLAPSANDWICH
  19. Everything is problematic: BY TWATSS
  20. I haven’t found home: BY PERKIE
  22. Autonomous spaces: BY SPANNER
  24. Look like: BY KOJEY RADICAL
  25. Festivals, I shit em: BY ANTI-POET
  27. POWA: BY MIA

Show first broadcast live on Dapper FM on 18th July 2017.

High five to show sponsors, Cwm Taf Local Government UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.

To win tickets for landed, go here.

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 149 – The Return of the Fowler 18/07/17

TomFowler (on the left) hanging out with rock stars at Surplus
TomFowler (on the left) hanging out with rock stars at Surplus

The boy Fowler has been nagging to come back and do another radio show, so we have let him come back on the 18th July to shut him up.

“Get me back before Green Gathering” he said, “so I can play loads of Green Gathering bands and talk about the Radical Wales Campaign Area” he said.

So here we are, he is doing a show before the Green Gathering and how many GG bands is he playing? None. Not one. He is just playing his favourite recent tunes. We are sure he will do loads of talking about the festival though.

Don’t panic, Clint to the rescue, he will be playing some GG related choonage. He will also be playing a few teaser tracks by bands playing the forthcoming Landed Festival and will be announcing a special mega give away competition related to the aforementioned Landed.

Clint will also be throwing in some tunes that are not related to any festivals – they are just new.

Log on to www.dapperfm.co.uk from 8pm on Tuesday 18th July

As usual, big slobbery wet kiss for our sponsors, www.unisoncwmtaflocalgov.wales