LISTEN AGAIN- Peppermint Iguana Radio 116

PAIN and Howard Marks - Let me Grow More Weed
PAIN and Howard Marks – Let me Grow More Weed

Peppermint Iguana Radio hit the net once again on 12 April 2016. We Marked the opening of the festival season, said hello to John’s Bees and said goodbye to Howard Marks.

To listen again, check out the cloudcast below.


1. Don’t mess with my man: BY IRMA THOMAS
2. Clampdown: BY THE CLASH
3. Mental (REMIX): BY DUB WAR
4. Fuego: BY THE HEADS
5. Chicken pack: BY THE BEES
7. Fern hill: BY HOWARD MARKS
9. Jah rasta: BY CULTURE
10. Babylon: BY NEW YORK DOLLS
11. Kick and scream: BY DAMIDGE
12. Do one: BY TITS UP
14. Queen majesty: BY THE TECHNIQUES
17. Honey honey: BY THE SUPREMES
19. Watcha gonna do about it: BY THE SMALL FACES
20. Politicians in my eye: BY DEATH
22. Brixton nights: BY CRAZY PINK REVOLVERS
23. Offshore banking business: BY THE MEMBERS
24. Mouth full of shit: BY CHUMBAWAMBA
25. 5 10 15: BY RUTH BROWN
26. Creation: BY PETER TOSH

First Broadcast on on 12/04/16

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FESTIVALS – the most fun you can have with your clothes on

Surplus Festival 2015
Surplus Festival 2015

Our 2016 festival listing has been updated again this morning. Thanks to those that have alerted us to festivals we have not known about (and thanks to those that have pointed out the obvious one we forgot about).

Festivals are the most fun you can have with your clothes on – although you don’t necessarily have to stay fully clothed. They are a gathering of like minded individuals who wish to escape the drudgery of wage slavery and let their hair down listening to music, drinking beer and standing around campfires talking nonsense. These days many festivals will include children’s areas, cinemas, political debates, craft workshops, comedy tents and more. If you have never been to one, you really should. It might just change your life – it certainly changed ours.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the strong arm of the law came down very heavily on free festivals and it took the scene a very long time to recover. In the wake of legislation aimed specifically at stopping free parties organisers tried out various models for events, some more successful than others. These days there are a lot of grass roots festival organisers who have got their shit together and put on safe, vibrant, innovative, sustainable events for anything from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Capitalism has woken up to the fact that people like to go to festivals. Where there used to be a handful of commercial events like Reading and Donnington, there are now huge commercial events all over the country throughout the summer.

Smaller events are generally less commercial, more friendly and have a better vibe that the giant McFestivals where you can find yourself, literally, half a mile from the stage with a sea of strangers in-between you and the band you are watching. Small does not necessarily mean lower quality. No, you won’t get huge stars playing to a crowd of five hundred, but you will still find some high quality cutting edge talent on display – for a fraction of the price of the big commercial events. The vibe will be more relaxed and your neighbours are more likely to talk to talk to you.

PEPPERMINT IGUANA RADIO # 116 – No more Mr Nice Guy – live 12/04/16

PAIN and Howard Marks - Let me Grow More Weed
PAIN and Howard Marks – Let me Grow More Weed

Mother festival is wiping the sleep out of her eyes, having a bit of a stretch and putting the kettle on for a cup of chai. To provide a sound track to her wake up, on 12th April 2016 Peppermint Iguana Radio will be featuring some of the bands playing the Something Else Solar Warm Up Party and All Tomorrow’s Parties.

So you can expect Muddy Summers, Doozer McDooze and the Firepit Collective to show up on the play list.

Not only is Mother Festival walking up, but the Peppermint Iguana Beehive is also coming to life, so expect lots of bee related tunes from the likes of –erm – TheBees, The Techniques and two different bands called the Supremes.

Sadly, as we were putting the finishing touches to the play list, we heard the news that on 10th April 2016 Mr Nice, AKA, Howard Marks shuffled off his mortal coil, 21 years to the day after being released from prison. Howard was about as rock and roll as it is possible to be, without actually being a rock and roller. He did dabble with the odd collaboration though, and we will be featuring a few of those throughout the show.

To hear all of this, and more, live go to from 8pm on Tuesday 12th April.

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TJS THE MOVIE: Be part of history – send the film makers your story

John Peel with TJS owner John Sicolo
John Peel with TJS owner John Sicolo

For twenty five years, from 1985 to 2010, South Wales had a music venue that was quite literally known around the world. Newport’s TJs. Local lad Nathan Jennings is now in the process of putting together a film documenting the history of this slice of rock and roll history.

Nathan is currently on the hunt for videos, photographs and stories of the venue. If you have anything to contribute, visit his new website for the project.

It is fair to say, TJs was a bit of a toilet. But that was part of its charm. It seemed to mutate almost every time you went there. It expanded and shrunk, the stage kept moving around the venue and the toilets were like an open cesspit. It had started out with the walls covered in some strange wire and concrete concoction to make it look like you were in a cave. As modification were made bits of the cave were removed but they seemed determined to leave bits of it on the wall. On one occasion I recall watching Citizen Fish whilst there was a huge wheelie bin in the middle of the dancefloor to catch the water that was leaking from upstairs. Whether or not it was rain water or a burst pipe I never got to find out.

But despite the venue being a shithole, it did have a few magic ingredients:

1. John Sicolo: the owner. An ex merchant navy cook who was larger than life and made the place open house to anyone who wanted to put on a gig. Whilst he was no musician, without his generosity and faith in the young guns of Newport, the South Wales and even the UK music scene would look very different today.

2. Bands and promoters: Looking back it is hard to believe now, but the likes of Green Day, Oasis, Fugazi, Offspring, Joe Strummer, The Manic Street Preachers and Primal Scream were regularly turning up in this tiny little club in one of the most unfashionable towns in the country. On top of that local bands such as 60 Foot Dolls, Dub War and Novocaine (to name but three) all cut their teeth there. At one point I the 90s the venue was often jammed with record company A&R men looking to sign the next big thing.

Key to all this were the promoters. Whilst Peppermint Iguana put on a few gigs with the likes of New Model Army, Tofu Love Frogs and PAIN, a very special mention has to go to Cheap Sweaty Fun, the boys that turned TJS from a local live venue to an internationally renowned venue that was an essential stop off for any band on their way to the top.

3. The people of Newport: The Port has always been the poor relation to neighbouring Cardiff. But in some ways, that is what has made Newport what it is – staunchly working class, tough, uncompromising and unpretentious. If a Newport crowd took to a band they would be passionate and enthusiastic, making a TJs moshpit a place few cage fighters would dare to step.

If you have any stories from TJs, why not get in touch with the makers of the film and share your experiences of this unique piece of rock and roll history.

To listen to an interview with Simon Phillips, the man behind Rockaway Records and Cheap Sweaty Fun promotions, listen to our cloud cast from the Peppermint Iguana Radio Show

DAMIDGE: Limitation

DAMIDGE: Limitation (Self released 2016)

Damidge Limitation
Damidge Limitation

This four track EP is the missing link between the UK festival scene and the New York CBGBs scene of the early 1970s.

High energy grungy punk with chunky rhythms and guitar solos long enough to keep us closet rockers happy, but short enough to keep the three chord punk purists happy. Al Damidge’s vocals strut across the EP with a nonchalant swagger and if a voice could wear clothes, his would wear leather trousers and carry a flick knife. Continue reading DAMIDGE: Limitation



Which is the greatest attraction, the hills or the man?
Which is the greatest attraction, the hills or the man?

After getting rumbled trying to steal a JCB in Cardiff, two sisters, Clare and Lisa, do a runner in the middle of the night and find themselves lost in the Black Mountains of South Wales. When they run out of petrol they steal a car from two other sisters, ‘The Wilding Sisters’ who are on their way to a poets’ retreat in the mountains. They then take on the identity of the Wilding Sisters at the retreat and pretend to be the much revered poets.

As part of the retreat, the participants go camping in the mountains for inspiration, but the whole trip seems to centre around which of the female poet wannabees will win the affections of Richard, the shy, handsome hunk poet on the retreat. Continue reading BLACK MOUNTAIN POETS

PENETRATION: Live @ Clwb Ifor Bach 02/04/16

Penetration - courtesy of Claire Strodz
Penetration – courtesy of Claire Strodz

Penetration were born out of the maelstrom that was the first wave of punk back in 1976, before the chord police dictated that you should play no more than three chords and they should all be played super fast. Although this is not quite the original line up, the current band all came out of that same old school where energy was matched by rhythm.

Forty years on Penetration have grown old gracefully. Unlike many of their counterparts who have reformed, they don’t try to dress like twenty year olds, they look like seasoned musicians with rock and roll jackets and shirts.

Tonight, in Clwb Ifor Bach, the band set things in motion by getting into an instrumental groove. Singer Pauline Murray then slowly wanders through the crowd and climbs on stage, complete with silk shirt, waistcoat and trilby.

They kick off the set with a half dozen numbers from the new album, Resolution, released in 2015, which go down well. Pauline then has a chat with the audience about the merits of old tunes v new tunes and never knowing what a crowd wants, before storming into some old classics from back in the day. Continue reading PENETRATION: Live @ Clwb Ifor Bach 02/04/16


rezilloshowOn 29th March 2016, the Iguana Crew took over Dapper FM once more and shook off the post Easter blues. We brought you classic tracks resurrected from BC (Before The Clash) and AD (After the Damned).

The play list included several tracks so new they have not even been recorded yet and tasters of gigs coming to South Wales in the not too distant future.

To listen again, check out the Mixcloud player below

Play list
1. Shopping: BY THE EGG
3. People funny: BY LEE SCRATCH PERRY
4. Don’t be angry: BY NAPPY BROWN
5. Respectable man: BY JUNIOR BILL
6. I loves the port: BY BAD SAM
7. Back from the dead: BY THE ADVERTS
8. The gardener: BY JULIE ANN
9. Davie demo: BY JOE YORKE
10. Restless man: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
11. Take the bitter with the sweet: BY LITTLE GIGI
13. Smoking seriously harms you and others around you: BY AMBER
14. Taken by surprise: BY POISON IDEA
15. It’s hard to get around: BY ALEX TURNER
16. Feed the mantaray: BY SLAVES
17. Not going back to that: BY DOOZER MCDOOZE
18. Chocolate staircase: BY THE DEAD FLOWERS
19. Everybody’s talking: BY JOAN BAKER
21. Writing on the wall: BY EDDIE AND THE HOTRODS
22. Master race rock: BY THE DICTATORS
23. Flying saucer attack: BY THE REZILLOS
24. Free money: BY PENETRATION
25. Nothing nothing: BY CAPTAIN SKA
26. The hour between dog and wolf: BY THE BAR CREEPS
27. In school: BY ALAN WOODWARD
28. Home-grown: BY DODGY

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Peppermint Iguana Radio live # 115 – next show 8pm 29/03/16

psychedelic_easter_eggs_by_heavenriverLooking to sweat off all that chocolate? Wanting to put your feet up and chill after four days of partying? Whatever you have been up to over Easter, Peppermint Iguana Radio has the cure for you.

We will be coming at ya once again live and direct from the studios of Dapper FM from 8pm till just after 10pm on Tuesday 29th March 2016.

The play list, as usual, is still shaking itself out, but will include Doozer McDooze, Amber, Captain Accident and the Disasters, Penetration, The Rezillos.

To listen live go to

As always, high five to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.

GIVE ME SPACE- A postcard from the European DIY scene disguised as a zine

efa tour zineEver fancied spending six weeks touring Europe on shoestring budget, playing gigs, supporting the DIY activist scene and meeting loads of cool people? Well, some people don’t just dream about it, they do it. Efa Supertramp has. Thirty three gigs over six weeks in eight countries and more than 4,383 miles. And what’s more, she has turned her adventure into a zine for you to read, be entertained by, educated by and – hopefully – inspired by.

Efa, for the uninitiated, is a North Walian riot grrrl that writes songs, sings them, records them, put them out on her own label (along with a shed load of other bands), sets up autonomous spaces, puts on gigs, cooks, rages against the machine and in her down time writes about it all in various zines. We really don’t know where she gets the time to do it all. Continue reading GIVE ME SPACE- A postcard from the European DIY scene disguised as a zine

Rezillos to mark 40 years of punk in Caerphilly

The Rezillos
The Rezillos

It is almost 40 years since that infamous Sex Pistols gig in Caerphilly, but to prove the ghost of punk still haunts the valleys, 1970’s new wave legends The Rezillos roll into town on the 7th April 2016.

The Rezillos formed in Scotland in 1976, at the time punk rock was kicking off in that London. Inspired as much by 50’s B-movies as the Sex Pistols, they banged out a series of chunky era defining power pop tunes, such as ‘Top of the Pops’, ‘Destination Venus’ and a cover version of the Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Somebody is Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight’. Continue reading Rezillos to mark 40 years of punk in Caerphilly

Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores – new single to mark Big Liz’s birthday

muddy summers
Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores (although its not verry summery, they are not very muddy and they are not in a field)

This year her Madge, ‘Big Liz’, turns ninety. To pay tribute to this marvellous occasion, Muddy Summer’s and the Dirty Field Whores will be releasing a single on 1st April, entailed ‘3pm’

The single is recorded, the video is filmed and edited and they are all ready to release it just after midnight on 1st April – in good time to join what will be a farcical, expensive build up for both of her Madge’s birthdays. We’ve all had to succumb to incontinence knickers due to all this pissing with excitement – not by royal appointment ones, though. You can join the countdown on Facebook by clicking here.

If you can’t wait till then, check out the most recent Peppermint Iguana Radio Show – cos we played it on there like.

If that is not enough to make you soil your undies, they have a brand new album, Seeing Red (and Black), out on 23 April. You can help them make it happen by pre-ordering over on ye olde Bandcamp (back catalogue also available on same link). They will send you extra goodies with CD pre-orders, an’ all!

AOS3: Far and few

AOS3: Far and few (Self released -2015)aos3 far and few
This album reviewing malarkey is not as easy as we make it look you know. Sometimes words to describe an album can be plucked from the tree of music criticism as an album is playing for the first time. Sometimes you have to patiently wait for the words to ripen before plucking them. Hence this review taking several months to formulate itself, cos this is what we call around the campfire, ‘a grower’.

It is clear the first time you listen to it that it is a special album, but you cannot quite put your finger on it. It will get your toes tapping, head nodding and on occasion your ass shaking, but it is too layered and complex to really take in straight away.

AOS3 are festival scene royalty. If Pete Loveday were to draw one of his rock family trees the shoots from this band would link in just about half the bands out there worth watching in festival land. Immediate family include Tarantism, P.A.I.N, Headjam, Nuke on Route and Less. That rich diversity of backgrounds always meant that this was never going to be a ska-punk by numbers album. Continue reading AOS3: Far and few

OZRIC TENTACLES: The Fleece, Bristol 20/03/16

Ed Wynne and Brandi Wynne
Ed Wynne and Brandi Wynne

Canine testicles. No, that is not the name of the new Ozric Tentacles album (although it might be), but a description of an Ozrics live show. Tonight they bring their full on sensory overload experience to The Fleece in Bristol.

Despite your feet sticking to the stone floor and the pillars obstructing your view, The Fleece, formerly the Fleece and Firkin, is one of the best live venues in the country. Originally built as a wool market in 1830, the grade II listed building is now home to a 400 capacity live venue that has hosted some serious names since it became a venue in 1982, including Oasis, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes and the Tofu Love Frogs.

Ozric Tentacles
Ozric Tentacles

It is difficult to describe an Ozric Tentacles gig to the uninitiated. There is nothing to compare it to. Just about all of your senses are subjected to overloading and your brain is sliced and diced during two hours of the most psychedelic experience you can have without drugs. Good luck to you if you opt to experience it on drugs. Continue reading OZRIC TENTACLES: The Fleece, Bristol 20/03/16

Beltane Buzz to host stage at Kaya Festival

Bands from the Beltane Buzz, 2014
Bands from the Beltane Buzz, 2014

Our mates over at Beltane Buzz are pleased to confirm they will have their very own stage at this year’s Kaya Festival in Margam Country Park, South Wales on August 7th-9th.

Kaya offers an assortment of African, Jamaican, European, Latin, Caribbean, European and world musical flavours along with a diverse range of workshops, arts, food stalls and festival activities. They have national and international artists along with some of the best local upcoming and established acts, in 2015 we had over 100 musical acts across 4 stages!

Beltane Buzz are in the business of promoting the best unsigned talent in Wales and previous endeavours have included the Beltane Buzz Festival near St David’s in West Wales in 2012, numerous local gigs in South Wales and a compilation album ‘Music from the Beltane Buzz’. They aint some faceless corporate industry beast, just people who love music helping other people who love music.

They will be curating a stage at this year’s Kaya Festival and are on the lookout for bands wanting to play. If you are interested – contact them via e-mail .

If you are not in a band you could just rock up to their stage and check out who makes it to the line up!

THE STRANGLERS: Black and White tour – Cardiff University 18/03/16

Jean Jaques Burnell, The Stranglers original bassist, still got it!
Jean Jaques Burnell, The Stranglers original bassist, still got it!

‘What an old codger I am’. No, not a statement of fact, but the B-Side to the Stranglers’ ‘Nice and Sleazy’ single, which was taken from the ‘Black and White’ album. It was just about the only song from that period they did not play tonight, as the Black and White tour stopped off in Cardiff University Students Union.

Steanglers 1978 album Black and White
Steanglers 1978 album Black and White

The ‘Black and White’ album, released in 1978, was the first album a teenage me went out and bought the week it was released. It came with a limited edition free single with the Stranglers performing Dion Warwick’s ‘Walk on by.

The Stranglers were also the first band I ever went to see live, in the old Top Rank in Cardiff. The Top Rank is long gone, but the Stranglers are alive and well and still gigging, all be it with a modified line up. Continue reading THE STRANGLERS: Black and White tour – Cardiff University 18/03/16

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 114 – listen again

muddy summers
Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores

Listen again, to the show the internet was invented for. Swing to the funky grooves, bounce to the punky rebelliousness, and chill to the dubtastic vibrations.

We had an unusually interactive show this week, with the Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores Appreciation Society tuning in en mass. The number of people losing their Dapper FM virginity broke the station record. Big hugs to every one of you.

To relive the moment we deflowered a record number of groovers, check out the cloudcast below.


1. Get higher: BY BLACK GRAPE
2. Out of our tree: BY THE WAILERS
3. Funk: BY YEDDY
6. Crying in the night: BY THE MONITORS
8. Summer in the city: BY THE CORTINAS
9. This is the modern world: BY THE JAM
10. I won’t come crawling back to you: BY MELVIN DAVIES
13. Nowhere: BY THERAPY?
14. Will you still care: BY THE CROCKETT’S
17. Ali baba: BY JOHN HOLT
18. I spy for the FBI: BY JAMO THOMAS
20. Friends and business: BY THE SKINTS
21. Orgasm addict: BY THE BUZZCOCKS
23. Kick out the jams: BY THE MC FIVE
24. Blitzkrieg bop: BY THE RAMONES
25. Goodness gracious me: BY PETER SELLERS AND SOPHIA LOREN
26. She just sits there: BY RALPH GRAHAM
27. America: BY THE NICE
28. Ethiopian revelation: BY BIG ROY

First broadcast on community radio station on Tuesday 15th March 2016.

High five to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.

We will be back live and direct on the 29th March 2016.

All change on the Sporadics bus as guitarist Andy departs

Andy with the Sporadics in The Moon Club, Cardiff.
Andy with the Sporadics in The Moon Club, Cardiff.

It’s all change on The Sporadics bus, with a line-up change for one of the most vibrant and lively punk bands on the current festival scene, as they said goodbye to their guitarist Andy last weekend.

A statement on the Sporadics Facebook page said; “It is with a heavy heart that we say tonight (in Boscombe with Wonk Unit) is the last show with our Andy on guitar. Due to personal circumstances and a positive change in his life direction he has decided now is time for him to bow out”. Continue reading All change on the Sporadics bus as guitarist Andy departs

Peppermint Iguana Radio # 114 – 15th March 2016

Nightclub legend DJ Derek who went missing in the Summer of 2015
Nightclub legend DJ Derek who went missing in the Summer of 2015

Can you smell it? Yep, spring is in the air and mother earth is slowly wiping the sleep out of her eyes. Peppermint Iguana are back this week with some toons to help you strut your funky stuff as you kick off those winter blues.

The Silver Fox has – The Monitors, Melvin Davies, Jamo Thomas, Therapy? and The Crockets on his play list. Whilst Clint will be spinning – The Defekters, The Cortinas, Clusterfuck, The Skints and Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field WHores.

We will also pay tribute to flowers we won’t be seeing in bloom this summer – DJ Dereck, Keith Emmerson and George Martin.

To listen live, go to from 8pm on Tuesday 15th March (UK Time)

To interact on anti-social media, go to the book of face event page

As usual, a heathy serving of baby bio to our sponsors, RCT UNISON, the union for public sector arboculturists.


Spike Island


Spike Island Movie Poster
Spike Island Movie Poster

Run of the mill tale of young love, hopes and dreams, elevated by being based around what was billed as a cultural milestone – The Stone Roses live on Spike Island in 1990.

The plot is quite basic. Young lads from Manchester caught up the Madchester scene looking to carve their own groove with their band Shadowcaster. The film documents the sixty hours leading up to the gig of the generation on Spike Island with the Stone Roses, their plots to blag their way in and their hope of getting their demo tape into the hands of the Stone Roses. Continue reading Spike Island



Sound It Out Records, Stockton on tees.
Sound It Out Records, Stockton on tees.

Independent record shops are a dying breed. Sound It Out is the self proclaimed ‘last surviving vinyl record shop in Teeside’ (they don’t recognise chains like HMV as being record shops up that way). This documentary is about that shop.

It is not so much the story of the shop; you don’t get the shop’s history or stories of its survival in the battle with the big chains and you don’t get celebrities popping in to tell of how they bought their first seven inch single there. It’s more a snap shot of the shop, its staff and its customers, at the time of filming (circa 2011 we think). A postcard from the world of record nerds, if you like.

Record collecting has always been a predominantly blokey pastime, but this shop seems to take it to extremes. It is like the comic store on the Big Bang Theory, where women rarely ever set foot and the shop is just full of geeky blokes completing their collections. Continue reading SOUND IT OUT

Help Doozer McDooze make his first million

Doozer McDooze - a one man dueling banjos type dude.
Doozer McDooze – a one man dueling banjos type dude.

Ever fancied being a music business mogul? Well here is your chance. You can get in on the act and help fund the career of the legendary Doozer McDooze, the beardy bloke you see at festivals.

Ok, so you aint going to become Richard Branson by getting involved in this project, but you will help the grass roots music scene, help get a new album out there, get your hands on some limited edition goodies – oh – and you can go to a cool gig (indoors in London so you wont get muddy and wet like you usually do at Doozer gigs).

To find out more, pop along to his website and check out the deal.

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 113 – St David’s Day Special – listen again

Dragon on the banks of Caerphilly caslte. Photograph blatantly nicked from Paul Templing, photographer

Whilst we regulalry play the best of the new music from Wales, to mark St David’s Day, our 1st March show dug into our vaults to mine the rich vein of music that lies underneath the land of song to celebrate Wales’ national day – in a way that only Peppermint Iguana can


1. Sabre dance: BY LOVE SCUPLTURE
2. Welsh bands suck: BY TEEN ANTHEMS
3. Under dubwood: BY CAUGHT BY THE RIVER
5. Welsh not: BY HEN WLAD FY MAMAU
6. Bugeillo : BY U-THANT
8. I’ve got a feeling: BY TAWNY REED
9. You sons of bitches shut up: BY FLYSCREEN
10. Ochr Dywyll: BY WWWZZZ
12. Dead flowers: BY THE NOSES
13. Afro funk: BY ROOTS ORACLE
14. Feel the magic: BY KALD
16. The lonely one: BY TOM JONES
17. Scrap the church: BY 2,000 DIRTY SQUATTERS
18. Crash: BY TRIPPA
19. Rhydeg i Paris: BY ANHREFN
20. Mwydro dub: BY LLWBER LLAETHOG
21. Laura is dead: BY 100,000 BODYBAGS
22. Anxiety: BY SONS OF SELINA
24. Ultra-violence: BY THE OPPRESSED
25. Brand new life: BY YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS
26. Magic dub: BY MOLARA
27. International velevet: BY CATATONIA

First broadcast on community radio station from 8pm on 1st March.

Big cwtch to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers

For Paul Templing photographer, visit his facebook page

CHEAP SWEATY SIMON ROCKAWAY – Iguana Radio Special – listen again

Nice work if you can get it – Simon Philips on duty at his record fair

Want to know the truth about that legendary Kurt Cobain proposal to Courtney Love in TJs? Want to know some of the secrets of John Peel’s record collection? Want to hear about Green Day being lower on the bill than the lucky dip? Well this is made for you.

On 23rd February we had the pleasure of being joined in the studio by Mr Cheap Sweaty Simon Rockaway Phillips. Pusher of records to vinyl junkies, gig promoter and all round eminence grease.

Simon started out with Rockaway Records, a small record stall in Newport Provisions Market, and ended up organising record fairs the length and breadth of the UK. Along the way he casually put Newport on the map and played a major role in making Newport’s TJs Legendary throughout the world.

With no ambitions other than to get some of his favourite bands to play his home town, with a cheap ticket price, he played host to names that went on to take the world by storm, from local boys Dub War and Sixty Foot Dolls, to the likes of Therapy? Bad Brains, Green Day, the Butthole Surfers, The Misfits and The Melvins.

Listen again to the show and hear tales of incidents with Kurt Cobain, John Peel and several tons of shredded paper

1. In a rut: BY THE RUTS
2. Trail and crosses: BY LEE SCRATCH PERRY
3. Fix: BY NOTS
4. Bastard son of a teddy boy: BY BAD SAM
5. Capitol radio: BY THE CLASH
6. Mountain of soul: BY TOMMY PAXTON
7. In cold blood: BY MECCA AND CODE
8. Transmetro politan: BY THE POGUES
9. Strictly hardcore: BY GOLDBLADE
10. Walk with me: BY ROGER ROBINSON
11. Hey Joe: BY LEAVES
12. Mr jolly fucker: BY THE SLEAFORD MODS
13. Babylon gorgon: BY BAGS
14. Democracy: BY THE DAMNED
15. Autographs: BY CITIZEN FISH
16. Accountability starts with me: BY GIT SOME

First broadcast on community radio station

Show sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers

Watch out for forthcoming film about TJs from film maker Nathan Jennings

Ginger John with two of his musical heroes
Ginger John with two of his musical heroes

IGUANA RADIO SPECIAL – Simon Philips – Cheap Sweaty Special Guest

On 23rd February 2016 Peppermint Iguana once again sneak in an extra radio show with a special guest dropping in to shoot the breeze and talk about life, the universe and seven inch vinyl.

Our ‘Star on the reasonably priced radio show’ will be none other than Simon Philips, record dealer, gig promoter and all round eminence grease.

Simon started out with Rockaway Records, a small record stall in Newport Provisions Market, and ended up organising record fairs the length and breadth of the UK. Along the way he casually put Newport on the map and played a major role in making Newport’s TJs Legendary throughout the world.

With no ambitions other than to get some of his favourite bands to play his home town, with a cheap ticket price, he played host to names that went on to take the world by storm, from local boys Dub War and Sixty Foot Dolls, to the likes of Therapy? Bad Brains, Green Day, the Misfits and The Melvins.

Expect two and a bit hours of three old mates chatting about Newport, obscure punk rock and obsessive record collecting – oh, and playing some notable tunes from back in the day.

If you want to interact during the show via facebook, go to our event page or twitter @clintiguana

To tune in, go to from 8pm on Tuesday 23rd February 2016.

As usual, thanks to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 111 – Love and Rage

love and rageListen again to the latest Peppermint Iguana Radio Show.

Mixing love and rage, we combine a preview of some of the bands playing this year’s Cardiff Anarchist Book Fair with a nod to Valentine’s Day.

Expect hot new demos, recent releases and hidden gems from the past

1. Bird doggin: BY GENE VINCENT
2. Dead pop stars: BY ALTERED IMAGES
4. Do it right: BY THE T.I.P.S.
5. Please don’t fight: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
8. Shrooms demo: BY BUFF
9. Lord Lucan is missing: BY THE DODGEMS
10. Last salute: BY GETTING THE FEAR
12. Rocksteady rebel antithesis: BY PRIMEVAL SOUP
13. Suspicion: BY JIMMY LONDON
14. Turning my heartbeat up: BY THE MVPs
15. It’s our valentine: BY SKINNER AND TWITCH
16. Love sick: BY AMBER
17. Golden Locks : BY BIM SHERMAN
19. Red alert: KILNABOY
20. Off with their heads: KING BLUES
21. La la la: THE LOOTERS
22. The farmyard connection: BY FUN BOY THREE
23. You really got me: BY THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS
24. Roxette: BY DR FEELGOOD
25. Love letter: BY KATCHAFIRE
26. Beginning to see the light: BY VELVET UNDERGROUND
27. All my friends are freedom fighters: BY EFA SUPERTRAMP
28. Is Vic there remix: BY DEPARTMENT S

Love to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.

A THOUSAND SUNS: Destroycreate EP

A THOUSAND SUNS  Destroycreate EP (2007)
With so many decent ‘rock’ bands around in South Wales at the moment it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. You could be original, well there is nothing spectacularly original about this lot; you could be heavier than anything that has gone before, well they aint gone down that route either; or you can just outshine everybody else with your talent.

Now then…. this is where these boys stand out. Nothing too fancy, nothing pompous, nothing excessive, they have just taken a tried and tested formula of slightly metallic rock, filed off all the rough edges and polished it so you can see your face in it.

It is adventurous enough to be interesting and although we have already said it is not particularly original, it has to be said they do have thier own sound and don’t sound like anyone else. It is slightly understated but then they don’t need to scream and play at a million miles an hour to prove anything.

You get the impression though that if they really wanted to they could be an air guitarists wet dream. Nice chunky rhythms to get you grooving with slick guitar licks over the top, complimented by vocals where you can actually understand what the vocalist is signing. Not normally our sort of thing but we would be more than happy for this to sit on our shelves.

ASTRALASIA: Volumes 1+2

ASTRALASIA Volumes 1&2 (Voiceprint) 2004
Before becoming major players on the UK underground trance/rave scene, Astralasia were a side project for members of the Magic Mushroom Band. This disc is a collection of the first two cassette only releases, originally released back in 1988/89 when they played events alongside such artists as the Shamen and Mixmaster Morris.

Volume One is laid back psychedelic hippyish stuff that would have come under the banner ‘Ambient House’; more chill out lounge than dance floor. Continue reading ASTRALASIA: Volumes 1+2

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE MELTING PARADISO U.F.O. Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE MELTING PARADISO U.F.O. Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs (Space Age Recordings) 2004

We here on Planet Iguana are determined to say “ hey man, have you heard, Acid Mothers Temple, they are well cool.” We are determined to like a band with a name that crazy… and no doubt we will persist in trying to like them for some time to come, and waste money on several more albums before we give up on them. But is going to be a long hard journey, because they are so damn wigged out it is unbelievable.

If this were on vinyl, we would check to see if it was playing backwards. They have released a shed load of albums, with different line-ups like some dysfunctional family living in a commune on Mars, there must be something listenable out there.

Our problem has recently been compounded by catching them live and discovering they are actually truly amazing on stage… but finding anything on disc to compare is hard work!


ALABAMA THREE: Outlaw (One Little Indian) 2005
Ten years and five albums in, this Brixton posse get better and better. They take their fascination for all things wild west to its natural conclusion and conjure up tails of train robberies, outlaws, gospel, six shooters and men who gotta do what a mans gotta do.

Their bluesy country techno rolls out of the speakers like the sound of an acid barn dance coming from the windows of the only saloon in a ghost town. These boys aint bothered about being in fashion, which is just as well cos their sound is peerless in its originality, nothing like it has gone before no one has dared to follow in their footsteps. A concept album? Maybe, but without all the pomposity that the term normally invokes. Down to earth rock ‘n roll that does not need to throw its weight around, it just leans up against the bar sipping bourbon and you know not to fuck with it. It gets the ladies arses moving left to right and the gangsters at the back feeling alright, all night