LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 131 – chillin’ ’round the fire

fireThe night before America went crazy and elected a madman as President, we chilled out around the fire and had a think about some of the gigs coming up in the next two weeks and reflected on some of the goings on in the world.

To listen to our fireside chat, click on the linky link

Play list

3. A song for bloke: BY THE LEVELLERS
5. Faron young: BY PREFAB SPROUT
7. Eternal wheel: BY OZRIC TENTACLES
9. In me shed: BY PUNKS NOT DAD
10. Truth and Justice: BY THE HURRIERS
11. Angry planet: BY NEW MODEL ARMY
13. Dub version two: BY THE LAST TREE SQUAD
14. American idiot: BY RICHARD CHEESE
15. And the motorcade sped on: BY STIENSKY AND THE MASS MEDIA
16. Home sweet home: BY THE BREWERS DAUGHTER
17. Le grande bête: BY LE COD AFRIQUE
18. Churchill: BY AOS3
20. I wanna be sedated: BY NOUVELLE VAGUE
21. Making a monster: BY DUB WAR
23. Dub Documentary: BY RIDDIM TUFFA

First broadcast on on Tuesday 08/11/16

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I Daniel Blake (2016)

i-daniel-blake-3Ken Loach has a knack for making extraordinary films about otherwise ordinary subjects. And yet again, he has hit the mark.

Daniel Blake is a lifelong carpenter who has had to give up work due to a heart attack. He is then thrown into the mincer and has to deal with a benefits system that, contrary to the opinion of his GP and his Consultant, tells him he is fit to work.

It is fair to say that the film depicts someone going through a ‘worst case scenario’. But the fact is, what he goes through is not uncommon. There are lots of people that have to go through this humiliating process – having to appeal on line, even though they don’t know how to switch a computer on; having to claim Job Seekers Allowance, even though they are not fit enough to seek a job and wading through the bureaucratic treacle that moves at a glacial speed. Continue reading I Daniel Blake (2016)

LISTEN AGAIN- Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 130 – John Peel Special

john-peel-headerThe greatest and most important radio DJ that ever lived, went to the great after party in the sky on 25th October 2004. For our Peppermint Iguana Radio show on 25th October 2016, we opted to doff our sonic hats to the great man, to mark the 12th anniversary of his passing.

We could fill several dozen shows paying tribute to the man, and still only have scratched the surface of his importance. But with only two hours to fill, we opted to pick some of our favourite ‘Peel Sessions’, alongside tunes that we caught on his show for the first time that left a lasting impression on us. We also snuck in some brand new releases and demos – which we think John would have approved of. This gives us plenty of options if we end up doing a show for his birthday!

To listen again, clickety click on the cloudcast below

1. Dot dash: BY FAT BOY SLIM
2. No fun: BY THE ORB – Peel session from 12/05/92 peel session
3. Pickin the blues: BY GRINDERSWITCH – When Peel’s previous vehicle Top Gear came to an end in September 1975, rather than have a specially recorded theme (as the Nice had done for the aforementioned show), John merely chose something from what one assumes was his own collection. ‘Pickin’ The Blues’ subsequently topped and tailed almost every show from 29 September 1975 and can still be heard introducing the 29 February 1992 show. However, it was eventually dropped, to be replaced by Corporation-manufactured items.
5. New England: BILLY BRAGG – Peel Session from 27/07/83
6. Folk the police: BY THE PEATBOG FAIRIES
7. Coronation street dub: BY IZZY ROYAL
8. TV Stars: BY THE SKIDS – Peel Session from 16/05/78
9. Another girl another planet: BY THE ONLY ONES – Peel Session from 05/04/78
10. Change: BY KILLING JOKE Peel Session from 05/03/80
11. Jolene: BY DOLLY PARTON – in the days before cd peel often accidentally played vinyl songs at wrong speed. This is intentionally payed at wrong sped and is arguable better than it is at the correct speed.
12. Can’t take the heartbreak: BY NOVA CODA
14. Political thing: BY ZION TRAIN
15. Brand new life: BY YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS Peel session from 18/08/16
16. I saw batman in the launderette: BY THE SHAPES
17. Dub on leaf street: BY THE CO-OPPERATORS
18. City of lights: BY VIVA ZAPATA
20. In a flat field: BY BAUHAUS Peel Session from 03/01/80
22. Devil at your door: BY THE BASTARD JOE KELLY
24. Anti-pope: BY KING Peel Session from 11/07/78 (rare recording of Captain Sensible project between the Damned first splitting up and reforming back in 1978)
26. Woolf man howl: BY THE VIBRATORS
27. Teenage kicks: BY NOUVELLE VAGUE

First broadcast on on 25/10/16

Show sponsored by UNISON Cwm Taf Local Government Area Branch

S.H.A.T.ting on the dock of the bay.

“Mirror, mirror, on the walll. Where’s them bloody young uns”?

Old punks never die, they just start going for leisurely strolls with their mates.

And so it was, that on 22nd October, the 40th anniversary of the release of New Rose by the Damned, the first ever punk single, SHAT (Socialist Hikers + Anarchist Treckers) were up at the crack of noon for a wander around Cardiff Bay.

It started well, with the ‘11am by the fountainy mirror thing opposite the Millennium Centre’ start drifting on to an 11:30 start. Needless to say it was the youngest and fittest of the crew that were late.

The old folks that arrived on time, were well prepared and all kitted out for the walk and post walk drink (well, the drink) in their finest goth, punk and mod gear. There were even two of us that did not have bad backs or dodgy feet! Continue reading S.H.A.T.ting on the dock of the bay.

OLD ROSE: Forty years of rejecting the past

new roseToday marks the 40th anniversary of the release of New Rose by the Damned, widely regarded as the first ever punk single. Yes, forty years of a brand new music that changed the world for ever.

This raises several issues.

Firstly, was it the first ever punk rock single? Well, it depends on your definition of punk rock. Many would argue that punk rock was born the other side of the pond, with bands like The Stooges, the New York Dolls and the Ramones. Even if you stick to this side of the pond, The Hollywood Brats, The Hammersmith Gorillas and The Pink Fairies, all arguably punk rock, beat the Damned on to vinyl by several years. Even over in Australia, a continent oft forgotten about when early punk is discussed, the Saints released (I’m) Stranded, an indisputably punk rock record, in September of 1976.

The difference with New Rose though, was that it was the first single from a band that were part of the new scene that had developed with the recognisable identity of what we call today Punk Rock. The Pink Fairies were scruffy hippies and the New York Dolls were – well, they were garage. Continue reading OLD ROSE: Forty years of rejecting the past

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 130 – Right Time, Wrong Speed – A tribute to John Peel

john-peel-headerThe next Peppermint Iguana Radio show goes out live on 25th October. The anniversary of the departure of the greatest radio DJ the world has ever seen.

John Peel died suddenly at the age of 65 from a heart attack on 25 October 2004, on a working holiday in the Inca city of Cusco in Peru.

We can but dream of one day being fit to lace his boots, but we can pay tribute to him on this week’s show. So we will.

Back in the days when it was acceptable for young boys to go to school in the morning and proudly announce they had been hidden under their bedsheets with a ‘tranny’, many of us will have spent many an evening listening to the John Peel show on a little transistor radio when we were supposed to be getting a good night’s sleep.

Who amongst us did not find ourselves scrabbling for pen and paper after hearing a tune that flicked our switch for the first time.

It is fair to say, over the years, he played an awful lot of crap, but you knew that somewhere on the show you would hear a tune that would change your life.

So this week, alongside the new releases from the underground that John would want us to champion, we will also feature some of the tunes that ‘Uncle John’ turned us on to. We will also try to dig out a few of those legendary Peel Sessions that could often make the career of young hopefuls.

To listen live, tune in to from 8pm o’clock UK time on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

As usual, high five to our sponsors, Cwm Taf Local Government Area Branch of UNISON.

HYPERNORMALISATION – Do not adjust your set

hypernormalisationWe are living in strange and chaotic times. Brexit, loonies on the verge of becoming president of the USA, the Middle East in chaos. But how did we get here? Hypernormalisation is Adam Curtis’ attempt at explaining all in one bite sized (166 minute) chunk.

This is not his first bite of the cherry. In recent years he has made a string of documentaries that take moments from history that would otherwise just be random dots on the pages of the past and joining them up for it all to make sense. Taken as individual works his films present thought provoking works that push the viewer into questioning everything they have been told and to rethink how the world works.

Events that most people would not connect are presented as pieces of a jigsaw that create a new picture of the world when laid next to each other. Continue reading HYPERNORMALISATION – Do not adjust your set

FESTIVALIZED – Ian Abrahams and Bridget Wishart


Festivals are a respectable and integral part of a British summer these days, but it aint always been that way. This is the story of those that died in the festival wars so people could wander around farms in designer wellies and big foam hats without getting arrested.

Not quite the definitive history of the UK free festival scene of the 70s/80s/90s, more a snap shot – an oral history with a collection of anecdotes from people who were there at the time.

Bridget Wishart, member of the Hippy Slags and the only woman ever to front Hawkwind, is as well connected as anyone to collate these stories. The list of contributors reads like a who is who of UK counterculture. Nick Turner (Hawkwind), Swordfish (Magic Mushroom Band), Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Mick Farren (Pink Fairies and journalist) are just the tip of the iceberg of the contributors. Even our own Clint Iguana gets to have a say. Bridget Wishart herself is particularly open and talks of personal issues she had to deal with as a result of being involved with the scene. Continue reading FESTIVALIZED – Ian Abrahams and Bridget Wishart



There are only a handful of towns and cities in the world, whose name is so intrinsically linked with an event so tragic that it is invoked every time the place is mentioned. Sadly, there is one a few miles from where I live. Aberfan.

Fifty years ago this week (21st October 1966) ‘coal tip number seven’ slipped and engulfed the school at its foot. In doing so it took the lives of 144 people, 116 of them children. The story of this event is one of personal tragedy and outrage at the attitude of the government and the coal board.

In one morning the anonymous welsh village suddenly became known over the entire world.

I was only four years of age at the time but it is ingrained in my memory. As it probably is in anyone who was around at the time.

Much has been written of this event, and continues to be written. There is little meaningful or constructive I can add. But I post this to bring to your attention a single that has been released with the aim of raising funds for the Aberfan Memorial fund.

Amy Goddard is a folk singer who grew up in the Merthyr Valley and went to school in the neighbouring village to Aberfan.

Remembering Aberfan has been released as a charity single and £2 from the sale of each CD will go to the Aberfan Memorial Charity. You can purchase the single here 

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 129 – New bloom

iguana rose
iguana rose

Don’t panic comrades, the ginger might be gone, but Clint is still here to keep you up to speed with what is moving and shaking on the underground.

The new style show first bloomed live on 11/10/16 and can be listened to again by clicking on the cloud cast thingy below


Play list

1. New rose: BY THE DAMNED
2. Revolution radio: BY GREEN DAY
4. Mind wash: BY CULTURE SCHOCK Continue reading LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 129 – New bloom


John reminding us of his catch phrase (ignore the website, he cant even get that right)
John reminding us of his catch phrase (ignore the website, he cant even get that right)

And here we have it for those that missed it, Ginger Gone’s final show for you to listen again as you please.

We thought it had been lost in the bowels of the computer, but we have rolled up our selves, plugged ourselves into the matrix and gone deep into the hard drive of the station server and dragged it out kicking and screaming.

John’s departure also marks our fifth anniversary. In those five years we have done 127 shows, taking up over 300 hours of airtime (that is the equivalent of broadcasting nonstop for 12 and a half days) and we have played 3,500 tunes. We have had a dozen guests on the show, broken the system twice (well, Corky was to blame for one of those times) had over 500 disagreements and 35 full blown rows live on air including, on one occasion, John getting up and walking out in the middle of the show.

But here we have it, John’s last show – a three and a half hour special. It was a sort of greatest hits thing, John playing his favourite tunes from his time on the show and Clint playing his favourite new discoveries from the last half decade. Remarkably, we actually got on well for three of the three and a half hours.

To listen again, press the play button on the mixcloud widget below

And the play list was —

1. Rise up: BY THE MOB
2. Black lightening: BY THE BELLRAYS Continue reading LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show – JOHN’S FAREWELL SPECIAL

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 129 – Clint goes solo

DJ-Han-SoloAnd then there was one – Yes, Ginger John is now officially gone, but Clint is still flying the DIY flag and keeping the show on the road. The beat, as they say, goes on.

Now we can really get stuck into Clint’s extensive back catalogue of underground music from the last half decade and can feature more of those hot new releases and demos.

Without the ginger one constantly interrupting we will have time to get stuck into some proper experimental psychedelic funky dubiness and will be able to throw in more of those 12” mixes and album tracks that John used to whinge about.

Oh – and by coincidence, there has been a bit of a change in the sponsor department. Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, is no more, they have merged with Merthyr Tydfil UNISON and are now going by the name of Cwm Taf Local Government UNISON.

To listen live, go to from 8pm (UK Time) on Tuesday 11th October 2016

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 127

john and don

There were two themes running through show 127

As we rapidly approach five years of being on air, Ginger (almost) Gone has decided to hang up his headphones. Show 128, our fifth birthday, will be his last show. So for the last two shows he will be revisiting some of his favourite tunes that he has spun in the last half decade, including PAIN, Dr Alimontado and Ty karim.

He also paid tribute to ska legend Prince Buster who went to the great dancehall in the sky on 8th September.

Clint is not going anywhere though and will continue to bring you the best of the underground. This week his play was heavily loaded with bands playing the last festival of the season, Something Else in the Dean, which takes place in the forest of dean over 23/24/25 September.

He also paid tribute to Graham Wiggins, AKA Dr Didg, who sadly passed away in his sleep on 7th September

To listen again, check out ye olde coudcast below.


1. Earthquake: BY PRINCE BUSTER
2. Rough lover: BY ARETHA FRANKLIN
4. Rave on: BY DR DIDG
5. Neat neat neat: BY THE DAMNED
6. Crackdown remix: BY TWENTY FIFTH OF MAY
7. Freedom Fighters: BY THE DEFEKTERS
8. Freedom fighters: BY SPANNER
9. Lighten up baby: BY TY KARIM
10. Born for a purpose: BY DR ALIMONTADO
11. Streets: BY PHAT BOLLARD
12. Twenty four seven: BY DUB THE EARTH
13. Shake em up: BY UK DECAY
16. Disturbing one: BY TARANTISM
17. Just a little bit: BY ROSCOE GORDON
18. Grow more weed: BY PAIN
19. Music must destroy: BY RUTS DC
20. Sky high: BY CULTURE SHOCK
21. Subway joe: BY JOE BATTAN
22. Move way Babylon: BY ROGER ROBINSON
23. Mouths wide shut: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
25. Why must I cry: BY PETER TOSH
26. You dont know: BY ELLIE GREENWICH
27. May you never: BY JOHN MARTIN
28. I dont wanna go home: BY DOOZER McDOOZE

First broadcast live on community radio station

High fives to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.

DR DIDG goes to the great gig in the sky

The late Dr Didg
The late Dr Didg

Here are Iguana HQ we were recently saddened to hear of the passing of Graham Wiggins, AKA, Dr Didg.

The following statement appeared on Dr Didg’s social media last week

It’s with a heavy heart and sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our dear friend and amazing musician Graham Wiggins (a.k.a. “Dr Didg”) on September 7th. We have no details at this time other than he passed in his sleep. This is quite a shock to us, assuming that we were going to remain in touch for a very long time.

We’ve had nothing but amazing times and learned a lot through our travels with Graham. He was one of the most well-informed and classiest persons you could know. It would be safe to say that Graham not only had a huge brain (he was a legitimate scientist who had a PH.D. in Physics and later developed RF technologies for Biomedical imaging) but he also had a huge heart.

The man was extremely sincere and giving to others at all times. He loved with his music and shared it with the world.

If you have Dr. Didg in your music collection, go ahead and put it on nice and loud. You will hear nothing but the sound of a brilliant beautiful man who made really cool music. Rest in Peace brother. We love you and will always keep you close to our hearts. For those who knew him know this is a painful loss. On the other hand, heaven’s all star band just received its finest didgeridoo player

Continue reading DR DIDG goes to the great gig in the sky

The Atrist Formerly Known as Ginger John to step down from Peppermint Iguana Radio Show

Ginger John - does not even know what the radio website is called
Ginger John – after five years he still does not even know what the radio show website is called

The Artist Formerly Known as Ginger John has today announced that he is stepping down from his position of back bench internet radio DJ. His final show will be broadcast live on 27th September 2016, almost five years to the day since the airing of the first ever Peppermint Iguana Radio show.

David Cameron thought he was being clever by distracting the nation from the debate about grammar schools by announcing his retirement (we thought he fucked off weeks ago!). But his announcement was itself trumped by former grammar school boy Silver John announcing his own retirement. Continue reading The Atrist Formerly Known as Ginger John to step down from Peppermint Iguana Radio Show

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 127

The late Dr Didg
The late Dr Didg

If you go down to the woods today (well, at the end of September actually) you can be sure of a big surprise – Something Else in the Dean.

Yes, the festival season is coming to a close, so this week we will be giving a big shout out to Gail and the crew and playing a selection of bands playing the final festy of the year.

Clint will also pay tribute to Dr Didg, who was taken from us in his sleep recently. John will no doubt be giving a shout out to ska legend Prince Buster, who also left the building since our last show.

To listen live, go to on Tuesday 13th August 2016.

And big hugs to Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers, who have recently renewed their sponsorship of the show.

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 125

Fordham-park-truckShow # 125 originally went out live on Dapper FM on 30th August 2016. As well as our usual new releases and hidden gems from the past, we also previewed a shed load of gigs coming up the following week including Fordham Park Urban Free, Common Ground, Festival Number Six, Jesus and Mary Chain, Wonk Unit, Toots and the Maytals and Petrol Girls..

To listen again check pout the cloudcast below


1. Spit it out: BY THE SLAVES
2. Jah war dub: BY RUTS DC
3. Anarchy in the UK live: BY SEX PISTOLS
4. Another ticket: BY BIG BOY GROVES
5. Kung fu techniques: BY FABERGE EGG
9. Vampire dub plate mix: BY BLACK STAR DUB COLLECTIVE
10. Dole: BY CRESS
11. Guts: BY WONK UNIT
12. Just like honey: BY JESUS AND MARY CHAIN
13. Speck of dust; BY CLUSTERFUCK
14. Protagonist: BY PETROL GIRLS
15. Do the regay: BY TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS
16. Don’t be sore at me: BY THE PARLIMENTS
18. Ritten in rehab: BY DAMIDGE
20. Kick in the eye: BY BAUHAUS
21. Pizza tramp: BY PIZZA TRAMP
22. Eyes get used to the darkness: BY NEW MODEL ARMY
23. Drip drop: BY THE DRIFTERS
24. Bam bam: BY SISTER NANCY
25. The prisoner theme tune: BY UNKNOWN
26. Stompin thru midnight dub mix: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
28. Image part one: BY HANK LEVINE ORCHESTRA

Show sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 125 – 30/08/16


Summer is nearly over, but there are still a few cracking festivals coming our way before we put our tents back in the attic and our caravans back in storage. For our next show we will be previewing Fordham Park Urban Free, Common Ground and forthcoming gigs from the likes of Toots and the Maytals, Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Petrol Girls.

Clint will have some brand spanking new releases and John will probably just wander around his living room and pick up random bits of vinyl off the floor and rip them to CD. But hey, some of them will be fabulous.

To listen live, go to on Tuesday 30th August 2016.

And big hugs to Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers, who have recently renewed their sponsorship of the show.

McCULLIN (2012)

McCullin (2012)
If a picture can paint a thousand words, Don McCullin must be one of the most verbose photographers of the 20th Century. His images from the front line captured some of the worst moments of conflict in the latter half of the century and will have moved anyone with an ounce of decency that saw them.

Initially working for the Observer, then the Sunday Times, he captured images that brought conflicts such as Vietnam, the Lebanon, Biafra and Belfast to the breakfast tables of millions. In this documentary we see the human being behind the camera that was at once professional enough to take photographs in situations where most of us would be recycling our lunches, but human enough to know when to put his camera down and help people to get medical attention.

Whilst ostensibly a documentary about photography, this film also documents mans capacity for inhumanity to man and delves into the psychology of war reporting.

McCullin did not set out to be a war reporter and is horrified when he realises that he has become one, but openly admits that he had become addicted to wars and sought them out where ever he could.

His reportage documented the worst side of man and on several occasions he made some dangerous enemies for exposing the brutality of war. He describes the death threats from extremists in the Lebanon as a badge of honour because it showed that he was cut from a different cloth to them. But he is shocked when he finds that he was banned from going to the Falklands because the British establishment did not want him to present any images which could show the British forces in a bad light.

To compensate for missing out on the Falklands he make a journey back out to Beirut, despite death threats, to capture the tragedy as it was unfolding. Another thing that strikes home in this film is the fact that there is never a shortage of wars in the world to report on.

Whilst working for the Times he was given total freedom to travel the world and trusted to come back with the goods. That all changed when Rupert Murdoch took over and Andrew Neil became the editor. Pictures of dead children do not sell luxury goods apparently, and the advertisers have the final say in the world of News International.

With the advent of digital cameras and the internet, there is no shortage of quality photography covering the trouble spots around the world. But the days of magazines such as the Sunday Times Supplement printing images that may put us off our muesli (and hopefully putting us off going to war) are gone. We may not see the likes of Don McCullin again.



LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 124 – 16/08/16

The Brewer's Daughter
The Brewer’s Daughter, just one of the new artists featured on this week’s show

This week, alongside our usual blend of cutting edge new sounds from the underground and overlooked gems from the past, we paid tribute to three rock and roll legends.

Elvis Presley, cited by many as the father of rock and roll left the building on 16th August 1977, whilst Robert Johnson, who sold his soul to the devil and became the granddaddy of rock and roll went to the great gig in the sky on 16th August 1938

And over the weekend of 15/16/17 August 1969 a little farm outside of New York hosted the Woodstock festival which immediately stamped its name in rock and roll history

To listen again, check out our mixcloud below

Play list
2. Listen to music: BY LLOYD AND THE GROOVERS
3. Goin’ to try: BY TEN YEARS AFTER
4. Shower time in the slammer: BY THE DECLINE
5. Spirit walker: BY THE CULT
6. Pretty vacant live: BY THE SEX PISTOLS
7. Fever dub: BY ELVIS PRESLEY
8. Fire up the engine of god: BY LACERTILLIA
9. Journey to the centre of the mind: BY THE AMBOY DUKES
10. Turn back dub: BY JOE GIBBS
11. I loves the port: BY BAD SAM
12. All my friends: BY THE BREWERS DAUGHTER
14. Let yourself go: BY ELVIS PRESLEY
15. Crossroads: BY ROBERT JOHNSON
16. I wanna be in a New York punk band: BY FLYSCREEN
17. PC 1984: BY CRISIS
18. Megamix: BY THE SWEET
19. Whoever invented the fish finger: BY LEON ROSSELSON
20. Healer dub: BY THE RESONATORS
21. One draw: BY RITA MARLEY
22. Suspicious minds: BY CANDI STATON
23. No more heroes: BY THE STRANGLERS
24. Christian by default: BY THE ANTIPOET
25. That cat: BY DR HORSE
26. Cholo vest: BY JOE STRUMMER
27. Rubbernecking Paul Oakenfold mix: BY ELVIS PRESLEY
28. Long time gone: BY CROSBY STILLS AND NASH

First broadcast live on community radio station on 16th August 2016.

Big hugs to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.

LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 124 – Terrific Tuesday

DSC_0258 (2)Never mind Super Saturday, Peppremint Iguana are back on air tonight so it’s gonna be a Terrific Tuesday.

Forty seven years ago this week the legendary Woodstock festival took place in New York State. Since then the festival scene has had its up and downs, highs and lows but you can’t kill the spirit, it’s still going on strong. Possibly stronger than ever. As you would expect from peppermint Iguana, this week we will be playing some tunes from bands that we have caught at festivals in recent weeks and bands playing festivals in the next couple of weeks.

We also pay tribute to Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley, who shuffled off his mortal coil thirty nine years ago this week and Robert Johnson who died on 16th August 1938

To listen live, go to on Tuesday 16th August from 8pm till around 10:30 ish.

As usual, big hugs to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the unison for public service groovers

LISTEN AGAIN Peppermint Iguana Radio # 123 – 02/08/16 – Green Kaya Special

DSC_0220This week we showcased the forthcoming Green Gathering and Kaya festivals, talked about current affairs, took the piss out of each other, spun some new tunes and some hidden gems from the past. Same as usual then!

Play list as follows

2. Captivity is cruel: BY PRIMEVAL SOUP
3. Summer time : BY BILLY STEWART
4. My woman’s love: BY JIMMY RILEY
5. Immigrants and dissidents: BY WILL TUN AND THE WASTERS
6. Living in a rut: BY THE MOON BIRDS
7. Christian dior: BY ADAM AND THE ANTZ
8. Hookup girl: BY VIV ALBERTINE
9. I could be free: BY EFA SUPERTRAMP
10. What you see is what you are: BY HERE AND NOW
12. Too late to turn back now: ALTON ELIS
13. Anarchist in Homebase: BY TARANTISM
14. Hope and glory: BY THE UPBEAT SNEAKERS
15. What’s so funny about peace love and understanding: BY ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS
16. Don’t touch me tomato: BY PHILYS DILLION
19. Thinking of the USA : BY EATER
21. Hear the trumpets sound: BY COSMO
22. Spirit of the radio: BY RUSH
23. You don’t know where your interest lies: BY DANA VALERY
24. I can only give you everything: BY NAZ NOMAD AND THE NIGHTMARES
25. The old school will rise: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
26. Skank it out: BY DOPE BISCUITS
27. You’ve got a friend: BY CAROL KING
28. That summer feeling: BY JONATHON RICHMOND

First broadcast on 2nd August 2016 on Dapper FM.

Show sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.

Listen live: PEPPERMINT IGUANA RADIO # 123 – 02/08/16

DSC_0750It seems like forever since the festival season started, but August is always a month where it manages to go up a gear. This week we highlight some of the festivals coming up in the next week, particularly the Green Gathering and the Kaya festival. All of this will be mixed with our usual blend of new releases and hidden gems from the past.

Expect Asian Dub Foundation, Millions of Dead Cops, Primeval Soup, Tarantism, Here and Now, Carol King, Chalk Outlines, Upbeat Sneakers and much more.

To find out what makes it to the final play list, go to from 8pm on Tuesday 2nd August.

Big love to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.

LISTEN AGAIN – IGUANA RADIO # 121 – the night before the semi

20160620_215302What a difference a month makes. We turn our back for five minutes and not only have Wales captured the heart of the footballing world but the country has voted to come out of the EU, the prime minister has resigned, Nigel Farage has resigned, the Labour are in the middle of a civil war and if that was not enough, the Chilcot report is out tomorrow.

So, as usual, our play list reflected some of these events alongside tales of France and our usual eclectic mix that only Peppermint Iguana could do.

1. It’s oh so quiet: BY BJORK
2. Somebody stole my thunder: BY GEORGIE FAME
3. Bloody revolutions: BY CRASS
5. Scary times are never dull: BY AOS3
6. I drank the levellers rider: BY TARANTISM
7. Ich bin ein auslander: BY POP WILL EAT ITSELF
8. Follow the leader: BY KILLING JOKE
9. Dance of the shrouded lunatic: BY COLIN CONSTERIDNE
10. Beautiful thing: BY THE STONE ROSES
11. White riot demo: BY THE CLASH
13. War crime: BY CAPTAIN SKA
14. Jeremy Corbyn the most dangerous man in Britain: ON U SOUND SYSTEM
15. I need a roof: BY THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS
16. Miss you so: BY TINY TOPSY
17. Call out to efa: BY COSMO
18. I wanna stay like this for ever: BY DOOZER MC DOOZE
19. For my country: BY UK DECAY
21. This is Wales: BY THE BARRY HORNS
22. Rhedeg I Paris: BY ANHREFEN
23. All around the world BY THE JAM
24. Power to the people: BY CLANCY ECCLES
26. Back to the bills: BY SKINNER AND TWITCHETT
27. Dream a little dream: BY MAMA CASS
28. Everything is gonna be alright: BY PP ARNOLD

Show originally broadcast on on 05/07/16

Big love to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.

Peppermint Iguana Radio Rides again – live and dangerous 05/07/16

DSCF0212Yes folks, we are back on air on Tuesday 5th July.

It’s been four weeks since our last live show and a lot has happened. The UK has voted to leave the EU, England lost to a part time team managed by a dentist and the Welsh football team have excelled all our expectations. Our trip to France to cheer the boys on has been an experience never to be forgotten – but not necessarily for the right reasons. Oh – and the festival scene is cooking nicely as well.

So expect a European flavour to our show this week, mixing in our usual off the wall blend of new music, hidden gems and cult heroes of the festival scene.

To join us for our return go to from 8pm till just after 10pm.

As usual, big hugs to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 120 – Euros warm up party

baleThis week we amazingly managed to control ourselves and get the show done and dusted in our allotted two hour slot. In preparation for the forthcoming Euros, we had French dub, Russian hardcore, Slovakian ska, welsh language punk English hip hop and much more

Play list

1. Summer wine: BY NANCY SINATRA
2. Enter the dragon: THE UPSETTER
3. Together stronger: BY MANIC STREET PREACHERS
4. Vive la revolution: BY THE ADICTS
5. Where’s my money: BY WILLIE JONES
6. Stay a little bit longer: BY DELANO STEWART
7. Pour qui some le dub: BY DUBAMIX
8. Too drunk to fuck: BY NOUVELLE VAGUE
9. No future: BY THE SEX PISTOLS
10. King bee: BY SLIM HARPO
11. Mafia: BY SKA2TONICS
12. Papers please: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
13. The Russians are coming: BY CAPTAIN SENSIBLE
14. Goodbye Toulouse: BY THE STRANGLERS
15. Rhywelyn Moscow: BY ANHREFEN
16. Mint SOS: BY Y SYBS
17. Sweet dreams: BY CAKEHOLE PRESLEY
18. England’s irie: BY BLACK GRAPE
19. Spirit of fifty eight: BY ARGUMENT CITY
20. Book of rules: BY THE HEPTONES
21. Leave me alone: THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS
23. No Vietcong: BY MOHAMMED ALI
25. I’m a little mixed up: BY BETTY JAMES
26. Death of the European: BY THE THREE JOHNS

Originally broadcast on

Show Sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON

Zines: How the internet helped a printed outlet for outsiders and nerds thrive | Lifestyle | The Independent

zines_sfzfJade French was 14-years-old when she ripped out a handful of images from some magazines, crudely glued them to a piece of A4 paper, and photocopied sheet after sheet at her local corner shop. She was fed up with how she was being treated simply because she was a girl, and was going to let the world know about it. Thus began her first zine, Ladyfingers.

Source: Zines: How the internet helped a printed outlet for outsiders and nerds thrive | Lifestyle | The Independent

LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio #120 Merthyr Rising Special

merthyr unsionOver the weekend of 3rd/4th/5th June, Merthyr Tydfil will be celebrating its rich radical past by hosting the third annual Merthyr Rising Festival.

Over the weekend you will be able to watch live bands, listen to political debates and laugh at non-violent direct action stand up.

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show, sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers, invited two of the directors of the festival in for a chat and to play some music.

Below you will find a link to a cloud cast of the show for you to listen to again at your own inconvenience.

Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, along with Merthyr Tydfil UNISON, have combined forces to sponsor the festival and are hoping this will be the start of a long term relationship.

First broadcast on Dapper FM, Community Radio Station on 31/05/16

Play list

1. Red flag: BY BILLY BRAGG
3. When will be paid: BY THE STAPLE SINGERS
4. Dog scratched ear: BY HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE
5. Peterloo to Orgreave: BY MATT ABBOT
6. Reactions: BY TRACEY ISLAND
7. Union man: BY THEE FACTION
8. Strike occupy resist (Flappsandwich re-rub): BY COSMO
9. Current affairs: BY THE UPBEAT SNEAKERS
10. UK arms trade: BY MARK THOMAS
11. Know your riots: BY THE CHOMSKY ALL-STARS
12. Modern day burn: BY DOLE AGE
13. Groovy train: BY THE FARM
14. Get up stand up: BY BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS
15. Half the world away: BY OASIS.