LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 214 – The Lockdown Sessions Part 3 (14/04/20)

Three weeks in and still chipper. Our third ‘Lockdown Session’ of Peppermint Iguana Radio went out on Dapper FM on 14th April 2020

And it sounded a lot like this

Play list

  1. Thank you poem to NHS: BY MAT KELLY
  2. Truly one: BY ORIGIN UNKNOWN
  3. Dance in a Babylon version: BY MELLOW MOOD
  4. Smells like teen spirit dirty funker remix: BY NIRVANA
  5. Sixth degree remix: BY TARANTISM MEETS BI POLAR
  6. Takin time: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  7. Everyone deserves music: BY MICHAEL FRANTI AND SPEARHEAD
  8. Di wengi sane: BY SLOVO
  9. Foramen magnum: BY INTO THIN AIR
  10. Gateway to dreamtime: BY SILAS NEPTUNE
  11. Play on: BY HEMPOLICS
  12. Musik evolution: BY ALMAMGRETTA
  13. Sodium sun: BY GAYE BYKERS ON ACID
  14. Sosial media boy: BY DIRTY SOUND MAGNET
  15. At home he’s a tourist: BY GANG OF FOUR
  16. The Cosmic cat: BY ROLLOVER MILANO DJS
  17. Tent sity reality: BY FATAL BLOW
  18. Out of the basement: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
  19. Watch where: BY ZION TRAIN
  20. Bardo waves: BY BLUETECH
  21. A star too far: BY PSYCHIC TV

Show first broadcast on on 14/04/2020

High five to Jacs Live music venue for giving our station a home