LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguna Radio #213 – The Lockdown Sessions Part 2 (7/04/20)

As the lockdown continues on 7th April we brought you another two hours of the latest music to relieve the boredom.

Over the ,last week we have discovered an amazing amount of new music and the show relets some of it, Listen again by clicking here

Play list

  1. Pandemic: BY WE ARE ALIEN
  2. Don’t be afraid: BY THE MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND
  3. Feel no pain: BY ED ROME
  4. Under heavy manners: BY JOE YORKE
  5. Isolation: BY CARA MEANS FRIEND
  6. Lovely day: BY BILL WITHERS
  7. Troopers peak: BY KEENO
  8. State of mind: BY SLOVO
  10. We are dub: BY WICKED DUB DIVISION
  11. Let’s start a movement: BY SPEEDOMETER
  12. Can’t get away: BY ROLLOVER MILANO
  13. Virus: BY SONIC BOOM SIX
  14. Free woman: BY ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN
  15. Freecoasting; BY AUDIO TONIC
  16. One hundred percent: BY GENTLEMEN’S DUB CLUB
  17. Viral solidarity: BY DAVID ROVICS
  18. Keep your distance: BY THE UNTOUCHABLES
  19. 20 20 hindsight: BY GROOVY UNCLE WITH SUZY CHUNK.
  20. Round and round: BY LACERTILLIA
  21. Ballache: BY SIX FOOT SEVEN
  22. Washing hands: BY NEIL DIAMOND

First broadcast on on 7th April 2020