DJ Clint Iguana

meCLINT IGUANA: Plays an eclectic mix of underground bands, concentrating on unsigned and self released stuff. Ranging from punk, dub, techno, space rock to world fusion, hip hop and anything else that takes his fancy.

Expect to hear the likes of Omnia Opera, Inner Terrestrials, Tarantism, 2000 Dirty Squatters, Sonic Boom Six, Cosmo, Sick Note, Captain Ska, the Skimity Hitchers, The Sporadics, Tofu love Frogs, Vintage Trouble, Spanner, Kilnaboy, the Chosen Few, Cop on Fire, Martin Harley, Zion Train, Powersteppers, Fruit Eating Bears, Radical Dance faction, Random Hand, King Blues, AOS3, Headjam and much more, including previously unheard demos and stuff sent to the zine for review.